Engaging Customers on Value, Not Price


Sometimes it can seem like we live in a price-obsessed world, where the company that can produce the cheapest product, or offer the most discounted service, wins. This can make it tough when you are selling a product or service that is not the cheapest option on the market! Wyatt sells security systems to offices, banks, and government agencies. You might think that people would not want to skimp on security systems, but as Wyatt has found out, that is not the case. Wyatt came to me because he was getting beat up on price. No matter what he did, his customers seemed to be stuck on the fact that his security systems were more expensive than the competition. He was losing business because … [Read more...]

3 Actions to Develop New Relationships in Existing Accounts


One of the rules of thumb that salespeople should always remember is to engage as many people as you can when you are trying to win a new account. You do not want to end up like Janet, who spent all of her time wooing the Director of Purchasing, David. After six weeks, Janet was ready to take over the final contract for David to sign, when she got the call that he had been fired. No one else at the company had any idea who Janet was, and anytime she called and mentioned David, the person on the other end of the line gave her the brush-off. Even after winning a contract, you are still not immune to this problem. Once you have established a relationship with a buyer, you might be cautious … [Read more...]

Sales Calls – Focus Your Efforts to Achieve the Right Outcomes


Peter was busy toiling away as a salesperson in a large corporation. He claimed he was working hard, but his sales numbers were below average. Peter’s manager asked me if I would coach him. She explained that she did not get to spend much time training her salespeople, but she thought Peter had a lot of potential. I asked Peter some questions about how he was logging his sales calls. Peter sheepishly admitted that he was not keeping data on his calls at all. He did not know how many calls he made per week, what percentage led to sales, or how long his sales cycle was. This was a big problem! If you do not know how you are doing, how can you measure improvement? When we started tracking … [Read more...]

Mirroring Your Customer’s Tempo to Build Rapport and Close More Sales!


Sheila is a high-energy salesperson. She is also intelligent and very persuasive in her presentations. Her talent is getting customers energized and motivated to do business with her. For some customers, though, Sheila’s high energy felt like pressure. These low-key customers wanted to take their time before making a decision. Sheila did not know how to respond to this type of customer, so she came to me for help. We practiced mirroring, which is adjusting your presentation style and tempo to match that of the customer. When she encountered cautious prospects, Sheila learned to slow down the sales call, build more rapport, and actively listen. As a result, she was able to become a … [Read more...]

Maximize Sales by Identifying Your Ideal Clients


Bob’s Paving called me in to help because they were losing out on bids. They were focusing their efforts on general contractors. The general contractors were most concerned with cutting costs. They would solicit three bids and then almost always go with the lowest offer. I advised the sales manager at Bob’s Paving to minimize their efforts chasing contractors and focus instead on developers and business owners. These were the prospects that owned the properties, and therefore had a vested interest in the long-term upkeep. Members of the sales team at Bob’s Paving approached these prospects and positioned their company as a quality solution. They also agreed to guarantee their paving jobs for … [Read more...]