Mirroring Your Customer’s Tempo to Build Rapport and Close More Sales!


Sheila is a high-energy salesperson. She is also intelligent and very persuasive in her presentations. Her talent is getting customers energized and motivated to do business with her. For some customers, though, Sheila’s high energy felt like pressure. These low-key customers wanted to take their time before making a decision. Sheila did not know how to respond to this type of customer, so she came to me for help. We practiced mirroring, which is adjusting your presentation style and tempo to match that of the customer. When she encountered cautious prospects, Sheila learned to slow down the sales call, build more rapport, and actively listen. As a result, she was able to become a … [Read more...]

Maximize Sales by Identifying Your Ideal Clients


Bob’s Paving called me in to help because they were losing out on bids. They were focusing their efforts on general contractors. The general contractors were most concerned with cutting costs. They would solicit three bids and then almost always go with the lowest offer. I advised the sales manager at Bob’s Paving to minimize their efforts chasing contractors and focus instead on developers and business owners. These were the prospects that owned the properties, and therefore had a vested interest in the long-term upkeep. Members of the sales team at Bob’s Paving approached these prospects and positioned their company as a quality solution. They also agreed to guarantee their paving jobs for … [Read more...]

Two Tips for Succeeding In Your Sales Career


It can be easy, as a salesperson, to get caught up in the day to day minutiae of your job. You call on customers, put out fires, check orders, and then come back tomorrow and do the same things again. If you are not careful, however, your career can easily be derailed because of lack of attention. What would you do if you found out tomorrow that your company was being sold to a competitor? How you would handle it, if you were told today that lay offs were coming to your department? What if you go in next week and you have a new boss? If you do not prepare for challenges such as these, you could find yourself sitting on the sidelines while the game goes on without you. How do you prepare … [Read more...]

Shifting Buyers from Price to Value


We have all come across those customers who seem to be obsessed with getting the lowest price. They will jump from one vendor to the next, just to save a few dollars. Many times, it is not worth your energy to try to keep these customers, because as soon as they find a cheaper price, they will jump ship. Sometimes, you come across a customer who is too great to pass up, even if they have a hang up on price.  In this case, you need to be proactive if you want to hold on to them for the long haul. Here are three things to keep in mind when you encounter the price-obsessed customer: 1. Are you talking to the right person?  Just because "Jane" calls you to set up a meeting, does not mean she … [Read more...]

More Ways to Shorten Your Sales Cycle and Close More Sales


In my previous blog post, I advised a salesperson on how to shorten his sales cycle. I realized I had more to say on the matter, so here are some other things to consider when you are trying to shorten your sales cycle and close more sales: Salespeople often fall into the trap of trying to be friends with their customers.  This can backfire, however, because without the formality and structure of a business relationship, the sale can get stuck in limbo. Salespeople need to remember that it is their job to manage the relationship. You do not do customers any favors by letting the buying process drift along. Doing so wastes your time and their time. There is no shame in having a customer … [Read more...]