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Challenges & Pain-Points in the Ag Industry

Today’s farm machinery and equipment manufacturers, agrochemical companies, livestock handlers, dealers, farmers, and growers face many pain-points. And that’s because of a number of inherent risks, including globalization, market consolidation, price pressures, regulatory constraints, trade disputes, unpredictable weather patterns, food safety, food security, food loss and waste, and animal welfare — just to name a few.

That’s why Paul Cherry of Performance Based Results has developed customized agribusiness sales training programs that provide reps and sales management the skills to sell through these unique challenges — including how to help their customers embrace change, minimize risks, gain a competitive edge, and be more profitable. Paul's proven methods deliver ag sales training and coaching that guarantee results!

Industry Pain-Points and Challenges that Ag Sales Reps and Ag Sales Managers Must Overcome to Succeed!

  1. Agriculture Technology (Agtech, Agritech) is revolutionizing agribusiness —
    blending data, engineering, automation, environmental science and technological innovation that will transform the ag industry.
    • Robotics, 3D-Printing
    • Farm Equipment Automation
    • Livestock Handling
    • Biotech Greenhouses
    • Precision Agriculture
    • Drones & Sensors
    • Augmented Reality
    • Blockchain Technology
  2. As the average age of farmers is almost 60 – Millennials, Gen X and Gen Y are entering the agribusiness workforce. With agriculture and non-ag business backgrounds, they have a penchant for squeezing greater profits and productivity at lower costs.
  3. Changes in Seed and Agrochemical Industry are creating advanced opportunities to expand the agriculture chemical marketplace.
    • GPS & Soil Scanning
    • Data Management
    • IoT Sensors
    • AI-powered Tools
    • Mechanization
    • Synthetic Fertilizers
    • Crop Protection Chemistry
    • Pesticides and the Food Chain
    • Biologics
    • Disease Management
    • Bio Engineering
  4. Ag startups are lacking viable value propositions.
  5. Profit Margins are affected by government regulations, tariffs on many agricultural exports, reduced farm income, market consolidation, limited resources, volatile weather patterns, food safety, food security, disease and pest control, greater competition, and the tightening on immigration workforce policies.

Sales skills we help your team develop

Performance Based Results Agribusiness Sales Training utilizes our effective questions-based model (Questions That Sell) to structure our sales programs and workshops so you can create long-lasting and profitable customer relationships.

  • Become an invaluable ag industry resource by anticipating your prospects technological needs
  • Develop effective research techniques with ag prospects to better understand their unfilled and unmet needs.
  • Create a positive rapport with agribusiness customers to position yourself as a strategic, trusted supplier and not an order-taker.
  • Learn to develop a value proposition based on quality and knowledge, not price
  • Build and maintain new Millennial client relationships by bridging the gap between newer technologies and more traditional tried-and-true methods
  • Modernize your agribusiness sales efforts with new data-discovering technologies, tools, gadgets, and CRMs
  • Use real-life scenarios and stories that resonate with farmers, ag professionals, C-suite executives, and decision-makers
  • Capitalize on an ag corporation’s or farm’s unique strategic advantage
  • Create data-led, fact-based sales conversations at every stage of the sales process
  • Listen and learn to what your agribusiness prospect is saying, and not saying
  • Demonstrate your understanding of your ag customer’s needs
  • Work to create an “AHA!” moment with your agribusiness prospects.
  • Offer value-based, quality-based, completely thought-out solutions
  • Demonstrate how your company is uniquely suited to help close the deal
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Our clients typically
get 7 times their
sales training ROI –
or better!

Here’s what some of our agribusiness clients and training participants have said about the results we helped them achieve

Patrick and Paul are excellent. They took the time to assess our unique challenges and customize a program.  We were so pleased that we brought them back to help us grow our sales another year.  They got us results.” Ben Wright President,
Wright Implement
(John Deere Dealer)
We’ve experienced over 215% growth since we’ve started with you. We’ve developed a powerful presence in the North American market, thanks to you.” Andrew Firth General Manager,
Our sales team is mostly agronomists and we needed training that could really target the issues we were facing. These included commoditization, disrupting grower complacency, and upselling more opportunities. We were thrilled to have PBR give us the tools to grow our sales.” Randy Edwards VP of Sales,
Miller Chemical & Fertilizer
Paul practices what he preaches.  Heck, I think he knew more about us than we knew about ourselves. But really the training was rewarding because it was engaging, thought-provoking, and applicable.  We tracked the results 30 days later and we got measurable results.” Tony Ferguson President,
Performance Feeds
PBR got our team to ask the right questions, to shift our customers’ mindset from price to value.   A terrific and impactful program.” Paul Pignone Director of Training,
Our agronomy team needed to develop a consultative mindset, engage the grower, and position ourselves as a strategic partner to our customers’ operations. Awesome job.  Got our team charged up.  Thank you.” Don Geist Regional Director,
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Our Training Strategy

In business, it’s crucial to not only have a vision of where you want to go, but also a plan in place for getting there. The Sales Bridge, an innovative model Paul Cherry developed and PBR utilizes, provides a training plan to address your specific sales challenges. We answer the most pressing questions your company faces everyday, ranging from how to increase profit margins and positive customer interactions to more efficiently and effectively managing a sales force deployed in the field.

Agribusiness Sales Program Benefits

Whether you require farm equipment sales training and agribusiness rep coaching or improved motivation, education and organization, our programs are capable of helping your team:

  • Identify successful agribusiness strategies and techniques.
  • Develop a rapport to more effectively collaborate and communicate.
  • Discover how to build stronger, more productive customer relationships.
  • Break through common barriers that stand of determining your customer’s level of commitment.
  • Acquire the skills and confidence to be an efficient closer.
  • Stay motivated, build on successes and maintain high performance.
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Become a Trusted Partner

When your goal is to close more sales, our coaching process helps you recognize customers’ needs in order to maximize leads and revenue building opportunities. Our on-site agricultural sales training and leadership program teaches participants how to increase sales and profits, win more customers and grow market share. At the same time, we employ coaching and mentoring to reinforce positive habits and accountability to get and keep your team on the path to success.

Even the most experienced and driven professionals can benefit from personalized agribusiness training from PBR. Our agriculture and farm equipment sales training sessions are high-energy, fun, interactive and focus on creating better communicators, leaders and decision-makers. Whether you’re in need of more effective management techniques or improved lead nurturing and negotiation training, we’re able to build a customized solution that directly addresses the biggest challenges standing in your way.

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Case Study:Leading Agribusiness Manufacturer


  • Manufacturer of cattle nutritional products struggling with 0% sales growth.
  • Salespeople taking orders and servicing existing accounts.
  • Price objections and no name brand recognition.
  • No structure or KPIs to measure and monitor sales performance.
  • Lack of accountability and low morale.
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PBR Solution

In order to change sales behaviors, the company turned to Performance Based Results to put together a sales training, coaching and management development program that would focus on changing the sales culture.

To improve the quality of calls made by sales reps, PBR went in-the-field and shadowed sales calls, then conducted pre-planning and post-review coaching sessions. A major emphasis was placed on:

  • Consultative selling to up-sell and cross-sell.
  • Closing more business by encouraging reps to decisively ask the customer for the order.

The Results

Year One: In the 12 months following initial training:

  • The company generated more than 50% sales growth
  • Closing ratio went from 10% to 31%.
  • Average order size increased 28%.
  • Salespeople were given every Friday afternoon off.

Year Two:

  • Revenue increased from $15 million to $20 million.
  • Sales manager promoted to executive leadership position.

Bottom line: The company's sales force was working less hours for greater results. A win-win for everyone.