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In the past, salespersons often worked for the same company for their entire career — they became  an expert in that industry, and developed lasting customer relationships. Today, salespeople average only 3 to 5 years with one company and are faced with the necessity of constantly reinventing themselves. By following the steps outlined in The Ultimate Sales Pro, salespeople can better position themselves for these changes. They can network, improve their skills and outperform their competitors in order to maximize their earning potential.

The Ultimate Sales Pro invigorates seasoned salespeople who have hit a plateau in their careers and provides guidance for those who have recently joined the profession. The book instructs salespeople to be their own mentors in order to be high achievers in today’s market. It provides salespeople with a framework to develop their entrepreneurial skills to guarantee success — whether they have a boss or work for themselves.

The Ultimate Sales Pro follows one salesperson’s journey from initial meeting to final presentation, in order to delineate the many necessary, but often overlooked steps that salespeople need to take in order to win a big contract.

About the Author — Paul Cherry

Paul Cherry

Paul Cherry has over 20 years experience in corporate sales, management, performance improvement strategies, and sales negotiating skills. A native of Wilmington, Delaware (outside of Philadelphia), he is also the author of:

The Publisher — AMACOM

The Ultimate Sales Pro will be published by the American Management Association’s book publishing division, AMACOM. Authors at AMACOM are experts in their fields, unrivaled in their knowledge, experience, and reputation. They are world-class educators, successful executives, business owners, trainers, consultants, and journalists — all eager to share their insights and techniques with a broad audience.

9 Secrets to becoming an Utimate Sales Pro

1. Tap into your customers’ emotions
Successful sales pros know what makes their customers tick. Uncover their business motivations. Do your customers want to save time, minimize risks, reduce headaches, seek out recognition, or increase profitability? Ultimately, it is not products, services, or unique solutions that drive the sale. Customer emotions drive the sale.

2. Ask questions that engage
Successful sales pros show a genuine interest in their customers. Develop a repertoire of open-ended questions. Use these questions to get customers to open up about their problems and goals, their past vendors, their future worries, and their current needs. Inquire about the team, the company, the competitors, the customers, the vendors, and the market share. High value customers, especially, love to discuss the big picture and where they see themselves and their organization 3 to 5 years from now.

3. Challenge the status quo
Successful sales pros get their customers to see things in new ways. Challenge your customer’s current situation and thought process. When a customer says they are “fine with the current situation,” engage in a discussion about which things could still be improved. Get them to assess how the current situation is costing them money, time, and resources.

4. Document value
Successful sales pros know how to monetize their solutions. Document all increases in performance, output, profitability, improvements in customer service-everything your products and solutions do to deliver ROI. Leverage your worth with current customers and prospects. Customers have unreliable memories when it comes to how bad things were before you and your solutions came along; make sure you have concrete numbers to jog their memories.

5. Get to commitment
Successful sales pros know that sometimes customers just need a little push. Ask your customer to bring in a peer or boss to the discussion. Request that your customer organize a trial study or an on-site visit. Skin in the game means more commitment.

6. Manage relationships
Successful sales pros set expectations and accountability. Set clear action steps for yourself and your customer. Then make sure you follow up. Ask, “What are our goals for the next two weeks? What do you need to do? What do I need to do?” Then say, “In two weeks let’s get together and share results.”

7. Develop new relationships
Successful sales pros have multiple contacts. Expand access horizontally and vertically. Ask to be introduced to peers, to other departments, and to bosses. Organizations are in a constant state of change. Anticipate that change by networking and managing relationships.

8. Customize solutions
Successful sales pros offer customized solutions. Each customer deserves a unique plan. Even if you sell “off the shelf,” you should still make it meaningful and specific to your customer’s unique situation. It costs you nothing to make a customer feel special, but it has a huge impact.

9. Know when to walk away
Successful sales pros know when to move on. In cases when you have exhausted all of your sales strategies, you have unmotivated customers or dysfunctional organizational dynamics, you need to cut your losses. Simply put: do not waste time chasing your tail.