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Industry Challenges & Pain-Points

Manufacturing corporations and their distribution partners experience very specific challenges and pain-points. Globalization, labor shortages, utilization of new technology, inventory management, ecommerce takeovers, environmental concerns, along with automation and engineering issues are causing companies to struggle to maintain their position in the market and sustain profitability.

That’s why Paul Cherry of Performance Based Results has developed customized manufacturing-distribution sales performance programs that provide B2B sales reps and sales leaders the skills to sell through these unique challenges — including how to help their customers embrace change, minimize risks, gain a competitive edge, and close more deals. Paul's proven methods deliver expert industry-focused training and coaching that guarantee results!

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Manufacturing & Distribution pain-points for sales leaders and sales reps that PBR can help tackle!

  1. Struggles with price pressures and product commoditization. Learn how to negotiate from a position of strength, protect your hard earned margins, and prove your value.
  2. B2B customers are cutting out their distributor sales reps — and are relying more on ecommerce and personal online searches. Learn how to position yourself as a value-added, knowledgeable industry resource — reinforcing why they need YOU during every stage of the sales process.
  3. A dwindling customer base is causing “contact lists” to get smaller and smaller. This “dip” is due to a chronic skills gap in the manufacturing workforce, with a significant portion of customers nearing retirement age. Learn how to be diligent and proactive by continually:
    • Replenishing your customer list with fresh, new, and targeted prospective opportunities
    • Filling your sales pipeline
    • Disrupting, displacing, and dislodging your customer’s entrenched competitor relationships
  4. Difficulty connecting with a younger manufacturing customer base. With the growth of Millennials and Gen Z in the workforce, engagement methods like email, texting, and social media have become more commonplace. Learn to ignite your customer's passion so they “see the value” in using tried-and-true, more effective communication strategies like meeting face-to-face and negotiating over-the-phone.
  5. Manufacturing and distribution reps rely too much on out-dated tactics like feature-benefit selling. Learn how to be a thought leader who can quickly gain your customer’s trust and confidence — while demonstrating ROI — so they choose your value-based solution over any lower-priced option.
  6. Sales reps are often “ill-equipped” to call on C-suite executives. While delving too much on technical minutia, they often get “demoted” to a lower-level price-obsessed point of contact. Learn to gain the ability to:
    • Get invited to the C-suite’s office (including business owners, senior executives, VPs, and plant managers)
    • Initiate more impactful, strategic sales conversations.
    • Become a trusted C-suite advisor (the “go-to” person)
  7. Sales reps fear of documenting information on CRM platforms, as it might weaken their control of managing customer relationships. Learn how to leverage and embrace this technology to gain more control (and even enhance) your client relationships while achieving more success.
  8. With the manufacturing / distribution industry witnessing enormous transformations, like mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, joint ventures, partnerships and strategic alliances — established customer contacts are going away. Learn to develop a proactive mindset in order to seek out new opportunities and cultivate new customer relationships in the midst of change. Contact Us Manufacturing Blog 302-478-4443

Our clients typically
get 7 times their
sales training ROI –
or better!

Here’s what some of our Manufacturing & Distribution sales leaders have said about the results we helped their teams achieve

We documented 24% growth in one year. Plus your efforts led to one of our reps go from $300,000 to $4,100,000 in seven months. Nice job.” Owen Druckenmiller Managing Director,
100 out of 100 for your delivery today. Thanks so much.

I especially liked the way you got everyone moving around the room, not just sitting – you really do an awesome job keeping us engaged and making the session practical to our real world sales challenges.” Jerry Currie VP Sales,
Hustler Equipment
Our sales are up 52% from one year ago. For me personally, I went from $300k to 6 million in 15 months, thanks to you.” Trevor Wyman General Manager,
Your one-day ride-along and participation on the sales call led to the $160,000 order we got. A small price for a great outcome. ” Ian Symington Owner,
Bordertown Retail Systems
We’ve experienced over 215% growth since we’ve started with you. We’ve developed a powerful presence in the North American market, thanks to you.” Andrew Firth General Manager,
We’re over the moon. Our team exceeded their target by 20%. The training gave our team focus and motivation.” Trevor Greenfield Sales Manager,
Rio Nutrition
We documented $6 million in sales revenue that was directly tied to your training, coaching and reinforcement. You exceeded our expectations.” Christina Ide Director of Human Resources,
North Coast Electric
We got great feedback from your presentation. Thank you for making an impact on our members and giving them take away tools to put into action” Roselle Foley Senior Director of Meetings,
National Association of Chemical Distributors
We had a great turnout at our annual meeting. Thanks for your hard work.” John Buckley Executive Vice President,
Industrial Supply Association
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Industry Training Strategies for Manufacturing & Distribution

There’s an understandable level of frustration that comes with cultivating a talented and motivated sales team — putting your people in the position to succeed — and not seeing the desired results when it comes to closing deals. Where other sales training programs only offer one-size-fits-all solutions, Paul Cherry and Performance Based Results provide a fluid, intuitive process that’s built from the ground up and is based on delivering what your business requires to be more successful.

From identifying the most effective sales strategies and relationship-building techniques — to enhancing communication, motivation, and collaboration within your organization — our on-site manufacturing and distribution sales programs are able to bring newly-developed skills and a “fresh mindset” directly into real-life interactions.

The Sales Bridge

The Sales Bridge is a proprietary model Paul Cherry developed and has perfected during his over 25 years in the industry. The program provides a training plan to target your team’s specific sales challenges.

Our Four-Step Approach

Through our 4-Step PBR Approach (identify, launch, sustain, and achieve) we’re able to affect real change and ROI for your organization, to solve the most critical pain-points that stand in the way of growing your business. You receive clear and targeted “GPS tracking” — providing a sales plan that will guide your company from where it is now to where you want it to be.

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Become an Industry Trusted Partner, not a “Product Peddler”

If you’re tired of working with training programs that don’t address the unique challenges sales teams face when dealing with manufacturing and distribution channels — Paul Cherry has the answer. When you partner with Performance Based Results for sales training and sales coaching, we will visit you on-site to get to know your people, processes, and culture and develop a sales plan explicitly for your team. Through group training sessions, workshops, coaching and mentoring — we’re able to help and advance sales reps, team leaders, executives — the entire company!

Our Manufacturing-Distribution Sales Coaching Process

It's a fact — the goal of every manufacturing-distribution company is to close more sales. Our coaching process helps you recognize your customers’ needs through asking the right questions and developing the rapport and solutions that build long-term business relationships.

Manufacturing-distribution sales coaching training by Paul Cherry is high-energy and thought-provoking. We develop the skills, mindset, and confidence for reps to:

Case Study:Leading Manufacturer


US manufacturer with global presence uses both a direct and indirect sales force to grow market share. Regional sales managers were primarily responsible for managing the distributor and rep agency firm relationships. The regional sales managers faced the following challenges.

  • No structured sales and sales management process in place.
  • Inconsistent distributor selection and evaluation process.
  • Lack of accountability led to mediocre sales results.
  • Marketing and sales were not communicating mutual objectives on defined channel markets.
  • Regional managers were doing more selling than managing.

PBR Solution

Performance Based Results put together a distribution channel management program focused on managing the distributor, independent principal, and agency relationships.

The Results

  • Manufacturer documented $9,483,000 of sales revenue as a direct result of the four-month distribution channel management program.
  • Increased sales on all five product lines by more than 78% in 12-month time frame.
  • Over course of twelve months, distributors and independent sales representative agencies increased meeting performance targets from 72% to 93%.
  • Greater marketing and sales collaboration shortened new product launches by more than 16%.