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Whether you have a pharmaceutical business, an energy company or another type of organization in an entirely different industry, one thing is the same: You need to generate sales and entice customers. New York sales coaching from Performance Based Results can help you and your team gain the skills you need to close more deals, attract more customers and retain more clients.

Performance Based Results offers on-site and personalized New York sales training, because our experience in the industry tells us cookie-cutter solutions don’t work for anyone – not even bakeries in Albany. What you need is someone in your business, investigating your strengths and the gaps you need to address. You need a mentor and coach face to face to help motivate, inspire and train your team while being available to answer questions. Most of all, you need an experienced sales training professional in New York to show your team how to get consistent and remarkable sales results.

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Who Are We?

Performance Based Results was created by Paul Cherry, a keynote speaker and sales trainer who has authored multiple books, been featured in more than 250 business publications and has worked with more than 1,200 companies. Paul founded Performance Based Results and continues to work with companies because he has seen the difference an on-site, personalized sales training experience can do for a business. There is simply nothing like it for developing the unique skills a company needs to close more deals.

Our on-site training method ensures your team can start applying what they learn immediately on the job. Traditional in-classroom sales training requires students to translate what they learn in a study environment into the workplace. With Performance Based Results, your team is learning and applying concepts at the same time, ensuring better comprehension and retention and allowing you to see results sooner.

Our goal is to help you positively impact your sale results in the long term. We train your team to perform efficiently and consistently, adapting and growing in sales knowledge and skill to approach new sales environments and situations with ease.

To understand the complexity of our product line and master our unique selling terminology, PBR has been incredible to work with.” Steve Rich Sales Trainer and Facilitator,
Biomet Orthopedics

What We Do

Performance Based Results is pleased to offer on-site sales training in New York and across the country. Although we are based in Delaware, Performance Based Results works with organizations in all industries across the country. If you’re interested in working with us, we can offer: