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What's your plan to grow your Ohio-based business? The most effective way to grow is to close more sales and convince an increasingly larger number of clients and prospects to do business with your organization instead of your competitors. You can achieve this growth by improving your management team's abilities and the skills of your salesforce.

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Why You Need Customized Ohio Sales Coaching

Sales training arms you and your entire team with the skills you need to sell your company's products and services capably and confidently. You will learn how to turn a prospect into a client, as well as how to upsell and cross-sell more of your current clients to do more business with you. A capable sales team can help you retain your clients and generate more repeat sales as well as to accelerate your company's growth well into the future.

Many readily available resources claim they can teach you how to sell and increase your sales, including countless books and generic training programs. Such resources may be helpful in some instances, but how can you possibly know what is the right tool to help your team succeed in your particular market?

If you take a close look at your business and compare your findings to another operation in your industry, it's clear that your organization has unique needs and challenges. One approach to sales training will probably work better for you and another may be more effective for your competitor - because your businesses are different.

How can you find the approach to sales training that's best for your company? We'll bring our on-site sales training solution directly to your Ohio-based headquarters to find what's right for you.

Paul Cherry founded Performance Based Results with one goal in mind: to provide fully customized sales training that yields measurable results. Cherry and his team have more than 20 years of experience working with over 1,200 businesses including startups, Fortune 500 companies, and organizations of every size in between. He knows that each organization has its own set of exceptional circumstances and challenges, which is why our sales solutions are customized to address your specific and unique concerns.

The team closed a $12 million opportunity because of your training. Now that’s delivering ROI.”
Christina Kachellek Learning Manager,

Why Us?

When you work with Performance Based Results, we'll visit your location, examine your operation, identify areas where you can improve, and develop a customized training solution for your sales team. We know your industry, and we understand the terms your sales reps should use to connect with your clients and prospects in a meaningful way and close more deals.

Our headquarters are in Wilmington, Delaware, but we've provided custom on-site training solutions for businesses throughout North America. It doesn't matter if you run a non-profit or compete in distribution, technology, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, agriculture, or another industry, we can provide a training solution that will yield lasting results.

If you're ready for your team to close more sales, contact Performance Based Results today.