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Nonprofit Sales Coaching & Development Training

Many trade and nonprofit associations struggle when it comes to selling. Traditionally, marketing, public relations and fundraising all played a role in this process. Today, for an organization to succeed and remain impactful, it must develop a stronger, more competitive and less complicated process to support and communicate its mission. The good news is, our solutions for management, leadership and sales performance training can be specifically customized for associations and nonprofits.

Part of the issue is that individuals who work for nonprofits often lack the skills, training and technology to successfully compete for funds in a competitive environment.

Performance Based Results provides customized training for nonprofits that incorporates the best practices of for-profit client prospecting, account management and strategic planning and applies them for the nonprofit world. Contact PBR to learn how our on-site nonprofit sales training program and one-day workshops can help your organization achieve its mission.

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Our clients typically get 7 times
their return-on-investment (ROI) – or better!

Here’s what some of our clients from non-profits and organizations said about the results we helped them achieve

Our meeting was a huge success. You are worth every penny and more.” Annette Waggoner Executive Director,
Commercial Collection Agency Association
We have a seasoned, polished, and well educated group. I am amazed how at the feedback we got as a result of your session. We already booked you for our next meeting, which we’ve never done with any speaker before. Thanks for the great job.” Rob Ackley VP Recruiting and Training Operations,
We got great feedback from your presentation. Thank you for making an impact on our members and giving them take away tools to put into action” Roselle Foley Senior Director of Meetings,
National Association of Chemical Distributors

Customized Nonprofit Development Sales Training

Success in traditional sales doesn’t always translate to success in nonprofit fundraising. That’s because the tactics used in the corporate world aren’t always appropriate in nonprofit organizations. Tried-and-true closing techniques can actually prevent a sale from happening – and in a mission-centric organization, success can mean the difference between life and death. If your nonprofit is losing market share and you’re not sure why, Performance Based Results can help.

Paul Cherry’s six-step nonprofit development training program, The Sales Bridge, can help your fundraising team understand the techniques that appeal to your target donors. The process begins with in-depth research. By teaching your fundraising team to identify the most likely potential donors – and then cultivating relationships with those donors by listening, engaging in pressure-free conversation and giving the donor plenty of time to decide – your organization is more likely increase its large and planned contributions.

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Whether your nonprofit needs customized, on-site fundraising training or you’re interested in boosting specific skillsets with a one- or two-day workshop, Performance Based Results can help. Our workshops include:

Selling Skills Workshops
Take advantage of our fundraising skills workshops and gain access to the decision-makers who can make an impact on your bottom line. Our sales workshops include:

Management Workshops
With nonprofit management training from Performance Based Results, you can create a work environment where motivation and accountability are essential parts of your culture. Workshops include:

Case Study:

Nonprofit Organization


A non-profit organization was trying to gain access to Fortune 500 companies but its sales team lacked the skills to gain access and sell its resources.

The organization was 12% below its revenue goals while its number one competition was gaining market share.

PBR Solution

Performance Based Results assessed the sales team. They were highly intelligent individuals but lacked:

  • Strategic planning skills.
  • Client prospecting skills.
  • Account management skills.

PBR put together a two-day sales training program coupled with a sales management process that helped leaders maintain the organization’s level of motivation well after the initial training.

The Results

  • Twelve months later, the organization documented $2.4 million of revenue as a direct result of the sales development process.
  • Organization surpassed its revenue objectives by more than 13%.
  • During that same year, the organization secured four contracts with new clients.
  • These new clients led to over $7 million of revenue over the next three years.
  • The organization’s sales team credits PBR training as having a direct impact on their sales success.