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Your business in Pennsylvania can only grow if you are able to close more deals and get more customers to choose your company over the competition. You can achieve this in many cases by honing your sales skills, as well as that of your entire sales and management team.

With the right PA sales training and skills, you and your team will enjoy the confidence needed to approach more customers. You will know what steps to take to convert interested leads into paying clients and customers. A strong sales team can generate more business and more repeat sales for you, ensuring your company grows organically.

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Why You Need Customized Pennsylvania Sales Coaching

Like any skill, sales can be learned. However, you need to learn from the best. There are thousands of books and prepackaged sales training programs out there, but how relevant are they to your business? Your company is unique and the concerns you have with your sales team are not the same issues affecting other organizations. How can a coach help you if they are miles away? How can you learn from a book if the demographic of your clients and leads is different from that of competitors? The answer is simple: on-site sales training at your local PA office.

Performance Based Results is a sales training company founded on a simple idea: Every business is unique and needs fully customized training to make measurable progress. Paul Cherry, who founded PBR, has worked with more than 1,200 organizations, including both industry leaders and new companies in their first year. After dedicating his life to sales training, he has understood one simple principle that sets his training apart: Your company has a completely unique combination of personalities, talents and challenges. Customization is the key.

Paul is the best sales training resource I have witnessed. Paul is a gifted presenter who connects with your sales team and provides training that supports creation of emotional connections that drive sales growth. Regardless of your selling style, Paul will help improve your performance through better questions that will drive better sales effectiveness.”
Jon Webb Vice President,
Integrated Power Services

Why Us?

Performance Based Results offers fully customized and on-site sales training in Philadelphia and beyond. We come to you, examine your company, target those areas that need improvement, and create training materials your team can implement your way. We come into your organization and speak your language so we can empower your team to speak to clients and customers in a way they understand.

Performance Based Results is based in Wilmington, Delaware, but our hands-on training has also helped nonprofit organizations, distribution businesses, and organizations from every industry across the country. If you’d like to close more deals and develop stronger relationships with your customers, check out our: