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Performance Based Results

Sales Bridge

The Discovery Module

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Discovery — the process of revealing facts and information, reduces uncertainties and risk. It provides the foundation for achieving the insight required for successful sales outcomes. Asking the right questions to establish your customers true level of commitment, learning to really listen and creating a value proposition are essential.

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3 Discovery

Asking the customer the right questions

  • Asking powerful, engaging questions that gets to what is on your customer’s mind.
  • Top 10 questions that will elicit info on the decision-making process.
  • 4 questions that rattle the customer to stop and think.
  • Questions that get customers to be receptive to change.
  • Qualifying questions to determine if you have a real opportunity.
  • Questions that get the prospects to focus.

Expanding the dialogue for meaningful business discussions

  • Create a value proposition that stands out from the competitors.
  • Ask power questions to understand your customer’s needs.
  • Listening techniques to uncover motives & hidden agendas.
  • Enable customers to dollarize.
  • Securing appointments with senior executives.
  • Using email and voicemail as prospecting tools.