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The Motivation Module

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Motivation — It’s simple. We know that in order for any of our sales training solutions to be successful, your organization’s sales leadership must be an integral part of that solution. Motivation of your sales force is the only way to assure that selling behaviors are going to change and that you will set up the proper environment for success.

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6 Motivation

Building and sustaining high performance habits

  • Taking ownership and being accountable for your actions.
  • Knowing how to handle the urgent from the important.
  • Setting and maintaining goals.
  • How to minimize stress and other obstacles.

Maintaining a positive attitude

  • Developing your self-confidence to take more risks and go after more opportunities.
  • 3 techniques to keep you motivated when the pressure is on.
  • Moving beyond how many cases you’re doing to how much business you’re able to close.
  • When push comes to shove, know where to let go.
  • Meet expectations and other priorities.
  • How to leverage the last sale and create lasting impact.
  • Creating more champions from your current customer base.