The Sales Bridge - Solution

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How to sell value over price

  • 4 strategies to eliminate the competitor’s offer of discounts and other incentives.
  • How to motivate decision-makers to doubt why they are considering lower-priced alternatives.
  • Appealing to other motives besides price.

Cross-selling and up-selling your entire product line

  • Moving beyond product selling to solution selling.
  • 3 tactics to consider with the customer who wants multiple vendor relationships.
  • What to do if you feel you’re being a little pushy in the sale.

Overcoming objections and stalls

  • Eliminating the 3 most common objections.
  • Questions to uncover hidden agendas.
  • Asking tough questions to eliminate unpleasant surprises.
  • Uncovering the influencer who can sabotage the sale.
  • 5 ways to deal with customers who say they are satisfied with their current relationships.
  • How to motivate customers who procrastinate.

The Solution module presents a critical aspect to sales training process. As a successful sales professional, you need to be able to sell at the highest levels of an organization, linking your services to the critical needs and top priorities of your customer. Rather than just promote an existing product, a salesperson should focus on the customer’s pains and address how their product or services can constitute a true “solution.”

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