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Ask power-probing questions. Practice active listening skills. Provide the innovative solutions that drive closing rates – and keep yourself and your team members motivated to repeat the process, again and again. These are the skills that separate effective sales organizations from those that fail to meet their revenue projections. When you choose Performance Based Results for your customized sales training program, you’ll be the agent of change that drives quantifiable improvements for real-life results.

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PBR provides sales training, sales management and executive leadership training that’s industry-specific and customized for your unique needs. You’ll find our training programs and workshops are highly engaging and interactive, and extremely thought-provoking.

With Performance Based Results you’ll develop accountability within your workforce as you differentiate your business in the marketplace.

Unleash your potential. Outsmart the competition. Get the results you want with Performance Based Results.

Corporate On-Site Training

Performance Based Results provides long-term corporate sales training programs for a diverse range of businesses. From global software enterprises to pharmaceutical companies to nonprofit organizations, Performance Based Results gives your sales force the tools it needs to close more business at higher margins.

Our sales training programs...

  • Offer proven top-line benefits within a few months of completion.
  • Can shorten your sales cycle and boost the number of closed deals.
  • Have been named by top executives as the key reason sales increased.
  • Are tailored to industry-specific and company-specific issues.

The Sales Bridge Model

Our proprietary six-step sales training model, The Sales Bridge, delivers the tools that helps your sales team break down barriers. Your sales force will learn how to research the prospects with the most money to spend and who are most likely to buy. They’ll learn how to establish relationships with the key decision makers in prospect organizations, including difficult-to-reach C-Suite executives. They’ll create value-driven sales propositions that solves real customer problems and close deals faster. Because the close is just the beginning of the customer relationship, they’ll learn how to sustain motivation, even through long sales cycles and economic challenges.

Sales Training Workshops

Quickly boost the effectiveness of your sales or management teams with a one-day or two-day workshop that targets specific skills. Performance Based Results can customize a seminar for your organization or provide an off-the-shelf workshop that applies to your business. Our workshops show you how to:

  • Ask the questions that reveal the truth about customer goals and motivations.
  • Navigate sales challenges such as difficult or procrastinating customers.
  • Motivate your team members and overcome resistance to change.
  • Discover the value proposition that makes signing your deal a no-brainer.

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Proven results. Quantifiable performance. A healthier organization. It’s all possible with Performance Based Results. Call Paul Cherry at 302-478-4443 or send us a message.