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Performance Based Results

Our Guaranteed Sales Training Programs

We have a different approach to B2B sales training. Our unique and proven customized approach enables us to guarantee results.

When you choose Performance Based Results for your customized sales training programs, you’ll be the agent of change that drives quantifiable improvements for real-life results. Learn more about our approach on the chart below.

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Our Sales Bridge Model

The Sales Bridge divides sales training content into six independent units or modules that are used to create a customized solution.

It’s a systematic approach to develop and organize a sales plan to pinpoint specific problem areas, functions, or individuals of a sales organization.

Any number, or combination of modules can be developed, depending on your sales team’s assessed needs or strengths.

rapport discovery solution research motivation commitment

1. Research

Information is power. But how do you get it quickly and easily so that when you walk into that sales call you are at the top of your game? The good news is that it takes little time and effort to do your homework, but only if you know where to look. Learn the latest strategies to put your research skills into action.

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2. Rapport

The opening gives you a chance to accomplish a number of important objectives. The first is to seek out the gatekeepers and decision-makers who can influence the sale. You must get the customer’s attention and circumvent any initial sales objections. Then create a solid foundation of trust and rapport.

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3. Discovery

Discovery—the process of revealing facts and information—reduces uncertainties and risk. It provides the foundation for achieving the insight required for successful outcomes. Asking the right questions to establish customer commitment and learning to really listen are essential.

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4. Solution

Solution selling is a special approach to sales. The care and handling of customers becomes even more important to business success. Rather than just promote an existing product, a salesperson should focus on the customer’s pains and address how their product or services can constitute a true “solution.”

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5. Commitment

Obtaining a sales commitment forms the culmination of a successful sales process. The close of a sales negotiation is one of the most important aspects of the sales negotiation process. A successful close marks the beginning of a long and perennial relationship between you and your customer.

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6. Motivation

It’s simple. We know that in order for any of our sales training solutions to be successful—your organization’s sales leadership must be an integral part of that solution. Keeping your people motivated will assure that selling behaviors are going to change and that you will set up the proper environment for success.

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