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Performance Based Results

Sales Training in Washington, DC

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Whether you: have a new company and need to train your sales team, are trying to find ways to overcome revenue stagnation, or are looking to grow your business — Washington DC sales coaching from Performance Based Results is an excellent investment for your team. Sales training allows your team to:

  • Learn the skills needed to communicate with customers
  • Develop better rapport with clients
  • Close more deals and sales
  • Positively impact revenues
  • Become empowered to take control of the sales process
  • Adapt to different sales situations
  • Know how to consistently and reliably make more sales
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How Performance Based Results Can Help

Performance Based Results is pleased to offer our clients in Washington, D.C. a number of sales training solutions, including:

To truly help your sales team excel, you need quality sales training. In the experience of Performance Based Results and our founder, Paul Cherry, that means on-site sales training for your D.C. business. While classroom, distance or traditional learning situations can help teach students the basics of sales, the Performance Based Results team has found the magic really happens when learning is applied.

Paul, since you came in, we have increased our close rate by 4% and grown our average percentage goal from 85% to 90%. I want to share that and thank you for helping us grow!!!!”
Ram Parimi Vice President of Sales,
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Gain A Competitive Advantage With Performance Based Results

Performance Based Results offers on-site sales training in Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas. Our founder, Paul Cherry, will visit your company and get to know your business and your needs. He will work with your team, developing a personalized approach to inspire and to address the issues that will have the largest impact on your sales.

Since our on-site sales training in Washington, D.C., and other communities is hands-on, sales teams get to apply what they learn immediately, under the guidance of Paul Cherry. This means our organizations see an immediate and positive change in their sales results. Immediate application also allows your sales professionals to practice and retain what they learn, improving the chances they will continue to use the proven techniques.

Since our Washington, D.C., sales training is one-on-one, your team members can get personalized help if they need it and can get answers to any questions they have. This level of attention is just not possible with less immersive training, and it’s truly one thing that has allowed Performance Based Results to stand out. Many companies recommend us and return to us when it’s time to upgrade sales skills again. We’re proud of the fact that so many of our clients leave testimonials and have experienced such astonishing returns on investment by working with us.

We hope you’ll join us and become another Performance Based Results success story. Contact us today to start your journey to stronger sales.