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Workshop Changing Your Sales Culture to Increase Profits

This workshop will channel resistance into cooperation. We show management how to deal with a changing sales culture. You will learn tactics to help manage your team to meet deadlines, improve productivity, and have a more positive outlook and be motivated.

As a sales manager, have you ever done the following…

  • Dealt with a team member who is evasive or tells you what they think you want to hear?
  • Tried to communicate with a sincere sales rep who just doesn’t give you the information you need when you need it?
  • Found resistance by seasoned sales reps to make changes in their selling habits.
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sales rep thinking about change Book: Questions That Get Results Book: The Utimate Sales Pro

Published BooksWorkshop curricula inspired by: Questions That Get Results and The Ultimate Sales Pro

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Duration Options

  • 1-hour keynote address
  • 1-hour to 4-hour breakout session
  • Full-day customized workshop

Benefits – Actions We Help You Develop

  • Focusing on the solutions and not just the problems.
  • Making sure words and actions are aligned with expectations.
  • Build trust through insight into a team member’s values, beliefs and motives.
  • Confronting difficult issues before they fester.
  • Expanding the comfort zone of a rigid mindset that resists change.
  • Take action by diffusing these responses:
    • I’m too busy.
    • As soon as I get to it.
    • I’ll get back to you.
Diagram: Circles of Engagement

The Circles of Engagement

The Circles of Engagement is a learning tool that provides workshop participants with a guide that assists in developing an effective and strategic management questioning game plan that is based on a individual organization and business scenarios and selling-based circumstances.