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Performance Based Results

Management Workshop

Create Accountability Through Clear Performance Standards

Serious sales managers demand high performance from their salespeople. But what happens when you have a sales rep who has potential, knowledge and good customer relationships, but still doesn’t perform? He always has orders in the pipeline and he talks a great game, but his sales cycles are long and he closes a lot of small orders. The results he delivers are average at best.

You feel like you’re always nudging him to do better, and he does, for a few weeks. As soon as you take the pressure off, however, he’s back to his old ways. What do you do? Do you raise the bar and force him to step up? Or should you give him some slack, knowing maybe you’re better off putting up with adequate performance and focus your efforts elsewhere?

Here’s the reality: NONE of these tactics work. What’s the answer? Creating clear performance standards and holding people accountable!

Published BooksWorkshop curricula inspired by: Questions That Get Results and The Ultimate Sales Pro

Duration Options

  • 1-hour keynote address
  • 1-hour to 4-hour breakout session
  • Full-day customized workshop

Actions We Help You Develop

  • Implementing performance standards that your team members will embrace.
  • Setting a tone that emphasizes actions over words.
  • Creating a 5-step accountability system that motivates your people.
  • Managing behaviors instead of numbers.
  • Coaching for success — making mediocre outcomes, a thing of the past.

The Circles of Engagement

The Circles of Engagement is a learning tool that provides workshop participants with a guide that assists in developing an effective and strategic management questioning game plan that is based on a individual organization and business scenarios and selling‑based circumstances.