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Workshop Managing A High Performing Millennial Sales Force

Millennials have already overtaken Baby Boomers as the largest generation, with the U.S. Census putting their total number at 80 million strong Four years from now, this group will comprise 50% of the workforce. 

What makes Millennials unique? Millennials were raised with a much different worldview than previous generations.  These young adults watched their parents face layoffs, downsizing, and outsourcing through the 1990s and the recession of 2008 and were old enough to grasp important life lessons, including the need for self-reliance, recognizing that learning is a life-long commitment, a willingness to embrace change, and that work is not just about getting a paycheck but having an impact on the greater good. 

The question is, “Are you ready to leverage the great qualities that Millennials bring to the workforce so that you can create a sales culture that will accelerate your success?”

Workshop Options & Benefits
millennial sales team Book: Questions That Get Results Book: The Ultimate Sales Pro

Published BooksWorkshop curricula inspired by: Questions That Get Results and The Ultimate Sales Pro

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Duration Options

  • 1-hour keynote address
  • 1-hour to 4-hour breakout session
  • Full-day customized workshop

Actions We Help You Develop

  • Identify the #1 trait in hiring a successful Millennial salesperson.
  • Find ways to attract the best Millennial candidates to your company.
  • Foster a sales environment that brings out the best in your Millennials and the rest of your team.
  • Zero in on what really motivates the Millennial sales force… the answer will surprise you.
  • Capitalize on your Millennials to shake up the status quo and get the boomer salespeople to up their sales game.
  • Set clear expectations and accountability so you get more done with less effort.
  • Create an entrepreneurial mindset that inspires everyone to let go of the past and embrace the future. 
  • Develop greater customer commitment and loyalty because you’re getting Millennials to do what others can’t or won’t do.
  • Create a succession plan as boomers begin to leave in mass exodus.
Diagram: Circles of Engagement

The Circles of Engagement

The Circles of Engagement is a learning tool that provides workshop participants with a guide that assists in developing an effective and strategic management questioning game plan that is based on a individual organization and business scenarios and selling‑based circumstances.