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Performance Based Results

Sales Workshop

Time & Territory Sales Strategies

What truly separates outstanding salespeople from average performers? They focus on the quality of their efforts, instead of working countless hours, doing busy activities, and getting mediocre results. During this workshop, you’ll learn proven strategies to pre-plan your sales calls, develop a laser focus to dig deep, high and wide in your sales territory.

You’ll also learn how to gain access to decision-makers, qualify who is serious about doing business with you, and how to proactively manage your accounts and customers’ expectations. You’ll walk away with practical information on how to close more sales with less effort.

Duration Options

  • 1-hour keynote address
  • 1-hour to 4-hour breakout session
  • Full-day customized workshop

Published BooksWorkshop curricula inspired by: Questions That Sell and The Ultimate Sales Pro

Actions We Help You Develop

1. Manage Sales Territory Dos and Don’ts

  • Learn the “Four P’s” to planning your sales success.
  • Leverage the latest resources and trends to gain greater productivity.

2. Keep Pipeline Opportunities Full

  • Three tactics to get your days booked with appointments.
  • Ask the right questions to qualify the best opportunities.
  • How to cross-sell and up-sell so you no longer leave money on the table.

3. Keep Customers from Managing You

  • Shorten your sales cycle andclose more business with less effort.
  • Minimize putting out fires that can eat up valuable selling time.
  • Stay motivated, upbeat, and focused when you encounter time-robbers.

The Circles of Engagement

The Circles of Engagement is a learning tool that provides workshop participants with a guide that assists in developing an effective and strategic sales questioning game plan that is based on a individual organization and business scenarios and selling‑based circumstances.