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Sales Workshop

Unseating an Entrenched Competitor

How often does this frustration occur? You initiate a new sales opportunity and the prospect says, “We’re happy with our existing supplier?”

Why is this? Your offer is better to what they’re using — even SUPERIOR. If only you could get the prospect to listen.

Unfortunately, when trying to unseat a competitor, challenges exist. Traditional selling techniques can often work against you. Plus, studies show that prospects are so change-resistant, your benefits often have to triple-outweigh the the perceived “pain of change.”

Duration Options

  • 1-hour keynote address
  • 1-hour to 4-hour breakout session
  • Full-day customized workshop

Published BooksWorkshop curricula inspired by: Questions That Sell and The Ultimate Sales Pro

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Objectives and Takeaways

  1. Develop alternative approaches to “tradition selling techniques” that usually backfire:
    • Feature-benefit selling
    • Low-ball pricing
    • Groveling for a small piece of the business
    • Pointing out competitors’ weaknesses
  2. “Turn the tables” and use a prospect’s resistance to change to your advantage to propel the sale forward.
  3. Instead of listing numerous competitive advantages, focus your efforts by accentuating and emphasizing only one primary advantage — compelling your prospect to choose you.
  4. Uncover what services and products you and your competitor both offer — then plan a strategy to differentiate your services to gain the advantage.
  5. Develop effective research techniques with new customer to better understand the prospect’s unfilled and unmet needs.
  6. Create a positive rapport with customers to position yourself as a strategic supplier and not a “product peddler” scrambling for quick deals.
  7. Master intuitive discovery questions that uncover customer motivations, disrupt complacency, and shake up the status quo.
  8. Learn to avoid common manipulations — like when a prospect asks you for a quote, pretending to be interested — and then uses the information to leverage a better deal with their existing vendor — leaving you out in the cold.
  9. Present with such confidence and conviction that your solution will be the undisputed winner.

The Circles of Engagement

The Circles of Engagement is a learning tool that provides workshop participants with a guide that assists in developing an effective and strategic sales questioning game plan that is based on a individual organization and business scenarios and selling‑based circumstances.