The Ultimate Sales Pro

Discover the radical, game-changing tactics that ultimate sales pros crave

Author Paul Cherry states, “Take back ownership of your sales career and sales future!” Most salespeople are motivated by the next ‘yes,’ the next contract, the next lead. All too often, they are too busy to look beyond the immediate to focus on the larger view — honing the selling skills and knowledge critical for long-term success.

In today’s topsy-turvy, unpredictable world, salespeople get little, if any, coaching or mentoring support. Too often organizations have a ‘sink or swim’ attitude regarding their teams.

THE ULTIMATE SALES PRO: What the Best Salespeople Do Differently by Paul Cherry provides the tools and know-how to succeed by inspiring sales pros to take ownership of their careers and not wait or hope for their company to pave the way. It challenges the reader to be genuine, open up, and be vulnerable — to get deep, get true, get “more real” with who you are!

Here’s what readers and prominent sales leaders are saying about The Ultimate Sales Pro

Very helpful - practical advice + inspiration

“If you are considering several books by this author, I would buy this book first, then Questions That Sell. I read the author’s Questions That Sell a few years ago and loved it…but I didn’t really do much to incorporate it into my work flow.

The Ultimate Sales Pro provides both inspiration and the basics of Questions That Sell so it is easier to start implementing. I’m experienced at sales, but like many motivation can ebb and flow. This book addresses this, and in that respect is unique in that it helps salespeople whether a newbie or experienced. It also addresses constant real world situations, like dealing with RFPs and prospects who keep telling you to call them back later.

I actually have both the book and the audio and find that they both are helpful – the audio for periodic inspiration while driving and the book for a quick practical reminders. I purchased the audio and was given the book to review after. I like the audio, but if I were just purchasing one, it would be the book since it’s laid out well and is easy to thumb through and quickly get what you need.

Paul’s approach approach is good and for today’s clients, whether B2B or B2C – he tells you like it is, but not in a bombastic in your face way like some others books and audiobooks that I’ve read and listened to.

In sum, buy this book first to start implementing immediately, then get Questions That Sell to go deeper.”


Fantastic Book!

“Amazing book that really helped my confidence when it comes to sales. Before I read this, I was fairly new to the sales world, but after REALLY reading this book and practicing the techniques, it’s made a huge difference in the way that I carry myself. I highly recommend this book for anybody looking to gain confidence with sales!”


“The Ultimate Sales Pro gives you the road map to focus on the right opportunities and leverage your time and career wisely. Get immersed in this book so you can acquire the tools you need to succeed.”

Tim Brown

President, Moor Instruments

“The Ultimate Sales Pro is an incredible accumulation of insights from a remarkable career.”

Ashley Chapin

Producer, Business 21 Publishing

“I live and breathe the concepts in this book because they work! Get on the path to success with The Ultimate Sales Pro.”

Drew McMinn

Regional Vice President, Springfield Electric

25 Valuable Strategies from Over Two Decades of Selling

“The Ultimate Sales Pro is a great book. What I loved about it was how Paul weaves his own personal story throughout the book so you learn powerful, sometimes unconventional strategies, in the context of the real-world.

And he doesn’t hold back. He shares his personal wins and failures, so you can have the benefit of learning from his successes and his mistakes.

Here are some of the unique strategies that Paul presents in this book:

  • Why just focusing on getting more and more leads is NOT the solution to you getting more sales
  • How great customer relationships can actually COST you sales and what to do about this
  • How sales professionals unintentionally limit the very thing that makes it possible to provide the best possible value for their customers
  • Why waiting for your customer to call you back is a fatal error and how to take control of the buying process
  • How trying to move a big-ticket, complex sales process along quickly can actually backfire on you and produce less sales

The cool thing that I also liked about the book is that Paul doesn’t just talk about external strategies. He also delves into the internal strategies that will determine whether you ultimately succeed or fail at sales.

Just to be clear, I am not a sales professional. I am a marketer.

But I still found Paul’s strategies to be very helpful and important to me personally and in how I approach marketing. If you’re a sales professional or hope to be one some day, then I think you’ll really like Paul’s book.”

Scott M. Aughtmon

World Class

“This book is packed with the ultimate sales tactics and procedures. I have personally learned how to sell like the best. Last quarter was record groundbreaking for me utilizing some of Paul’s techniques! I booked the largest deal of the quarter and have built many partnerships with top executives.

Paul Cherry is a master teacher!! The strategies in this book will allow you to drive into deeper conversations in order to build a genuine relationship with your prospects, build quality leads, become better in your day to day strategies, and provide exceptional value.

If you haven’t read this book, you are missing out. I always look forward to Paul’s newest literature. It’s always pack with top expertise and help me personally evolve in my career and I am sure it will do the same for you.

Paul, amazing work mate. I can’t wait to read another one.”

Luis Loubriel

“We’ve worked with many sales thought leaders but Paul was the one who helped us increase our sales dramatically. Now you can get viable solutions to the challenges you face in this incredible book.”

Andrew Firth

General Manager, Arrowquip

“What Paul Cherry shared with us and included in this book has had a tremendous impact on our success.”

Drew Mailey

Partner, Arrow Advertising

“I have worked with many sales professionals throughout my career who believe that the main criteria to succeeding in sales is the ability to build strong relationships. I disagree. Strong relationships are important but they only get you an appointment and will not get you the sale! What will get you the sale is your ability to uncover or create customer-specific needs. It is critical to ask questions that are constructed strategically to drive your agenda in creating value for the customer.”

Bruce Augustensen

Senior Director of Sales, Avantik

A real career-saver for anyone in sales!

I find as a sales rep in today’s workplace, even with the economy doing fairly well, I have to work harder, more than ever. There’s more competition for every prospect and I need to present my “top game” every time I meet with a client.

The Ultimate Sales Pro by Paul Cherry is the publication I’ve been looking for for years. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of how-to books out there, and many of them are great — in fact another of Paul Cherry’s books, Questions That Sell, is a permanent fixture on my desk. I use it all the time; it’s been my selling “bible.” This new book will reside right by its side. The Ultimate Sales Pro is the perfect companion to Questions That Sell.

The Ultimate Sales Pro takes a unique approach and allows the reader to stand back and look at your career as a sales professional with fresh eyes and a new perspective. It delves into examining why you chose a sales career in the first place and what direction you want to take it in.

Some of my favorite chapters include: how to know what prospects to pursue and which ones to drop, how to treat myself like my toughest boss, and knowing how to choose the right business associates. But to tell you the truth, I find the whole book super helpful.

Thanks Paul, you have been my “sales guru” for some time. The Ultimate Sales Pro is a winner.”

David Byers

Practical real life selling strategies that fits today’s selling environment.

“I bought this book for all my sales people and we review it once a month in our sales meetings. The book has a nice combination of big picture strategies and the specific tactics to execute. I read his previous books on questions and management and this is a great new addition.”

Loyal Customer

“Our business is up 35% over the same period last year. Your concepts are amazing and extremely enlightening. We’ve become ‘Ultimate Sales Pros’.”

James Mornan

Account Manager, Brookaire

“Anyone who is serious about taking their sales career to the next step has to read The Ultimate Sales Pro.”

Bill Shulby

Former Director of Talent and Organizational Development, Cigna Healthcare

“I’ve known Paul for more than twenty years, and we have collaborated on numerous projects together. Unlike so many me-too sales books, The Ultimate Sales Pro is packed with innovative and radical ideas to catapult your sales career.”

Denita Connor

CEO Business Coach YPO