2) How to Open a Sales Call. Developing Customer Rapport.

Customer relationships are the bedrock of most businesses. The Sales Opening is a strategic step in developing that relationship. Building client rapport along with presenting a strong impact statement lays the foundation for establishing the profit-driven environment needed for collaborative selling — which provides value to both the sales rep and the prospect. A strong sales opening also provides the opportunity to initiate the trust required to sustain the budding customer relationship.

Performance Based Results sales call opening and rapport building training provides sales teams with the modern skills and direction required to construct strong client connections. We help sales reps break free of their comfort zones to ask open-ended, well-thought-out sales questions that will demonstrate and entice customers with their industry know-how and sales savvy!

Sales Bridge #2 Sales Opening Training Benefits

Sales value-opening statement

  1. We show reps how to develop a powerful 30-second opening at the beginning of the sales conversation to demonstrate industry prowess, knowledge, and credibility.
  2. Ice Breakers — We train sales teams to create opening value statements that will “heat up” cold calls.
  3. Our training emphasizes how utilizing trigger words encourages customers to react more favorably to the sales pitch.
  4. Reps learn how to start a sales call and understand upfront what drives value for the prospect.
  5. We conduct breakout sessions to train sales pros how to prepare for rejections, put-offs, and stalls from difficult customers — that can potentially short-circuit the entire sales effort.
Sales rep presenting opening statement.

Qualify worthwhile prospects

  1. Introducing the concept of selling on value, rather than price, is one of our primary objectives.
  2. Upfront Quotes – We show sales reps what to do when customers demand quotes at the start — and how to handle a buyer’s reluctance based on cost.
  3. Qualify faster — our training helps reps devise engaging questions to quickly determine whether or not an opportunity is worth pursuing.
  4. We conduct practice sessions on questions to ask to unseat an entrenched competitor.
  5. Sales reps learn how to determine a prospect or client’s true level of interest — or if customers are just stringing them along or providing “lip service.”

Rapport-building questions

  1. We get teams to utilize open-ended sales questions that demonstrate genuine interest in the customer’s success and wellbeing.
  2. Hidden Agendas — Reps learn to listen closely and respond appropriately to what customers are saying (and not saying).
  3. We help instill conversation-starter techniques that will spark a prospect’s attention — avoiding common cold-call pitfalls that can derail customer interest.
  4. We employ role-play exercises on scheduling appointments and callbacks strategically (and creatively).
  5. Participants discover unconventional, sure-fire ways to leave voicemails, emails and even texts.
  6. We share our value-based selling philosophy of only asking questions that are truly important and really matter to the customer or the prospect.

Determine a new customer’s decision-making process

  1. Teams are trained on developing actionable steps to get past gatekeepers.
  2. We show reps how to identify and reach the decision makers and influencers of a company by asking engaging questions.
  3. Our training covers how to make value-based connections with C-Level Executives.