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The hotel, spa and hospitality industries are experiencing new challenges. In today’s “sharing economy,” priorities are shifting. Competitors (like Airbnb) are influencing consumer expectations. Value is now determined by overall experience (not by hotel amenities alone).

Modern “smart” technologies are rapidly streamlining how guests interact. Plus, more executives are working from home  — hotels need to be creative and offer “bleisure” travelers better options.

That’s why Paul Cherry and Performance Based Results have developed customized hospitality sales training programs that provide teams and reps with the skills to address specific industry pain-points — including how to help customers embrace change, minimize risks, and be more profitable. Paul’s proven methods deliver modern sales techniques that guarantee results.

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Video: Paul Cherry talks about PBR’s hospitality sales training.


Pain-Points in the Hospitality Industry

Challenges that Performance Based Results will help tackle!

  1. The hospitality industry is becoming extremely competitive. Keeping up with the latest technology trends is essential. Hotels and travel companies need to find ways to implement these new approaches and ideas. Organizations who fail to adapt may be left behind.
    • Recognition Technology
    • Robots
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Virtual Reality

    Using our Sales Bridge model, we help hospitality sales professionals construct value-based selling solutions that will benefit their travel industry customers.

    Our hotel sales training emphasizes how asking intuitive, open-ended questions, combined with active listening, motivates reps to create and maintain long-lasting, profitable customer relationships. We guide hospitality and travel sales teams to:

    1. Planning — Develop effective sales planning techniques to aggressively research a new customer’s business and organization. Our training teaches techniques to help reps gain knowledge, better understand, and anticipate their prospect’s needs.
    2. Opening — Create rapport by implementing sales opening strategies that will spark interest and dazzle travel industry customers. We stress the importance of always conducting data-informed, fact-based sales conversations at every stage of the selling process.
    3. Discovery — Ask discovery questions to help persuade travel and tourism customers to imagine the future beyond their current circumstances — to think of the big picture. Then actively listen to uncover the customer’s hidden needs and untapped fears.
  2. Business travel remains an important part of the corporate world, with the hotel industry becoming more competitive than ever. But traveler preferences are constantly changing. Old stereotypes of business travel (think “MadMen”) are fading. Modern business people are more diverse, family-oriented, and value productivity and flexibility above all else.

    Solution — Our hotel sales training programs address the tough issues facing the business travel industry. We show sales teams how to think out-of-the-box and upset the status quo. Our question-based programs provide the skills for sales reps and their customers to work together (as strategic partners) to create win-win solutions.

    1. Cross-Selling & Up-Selling — We show sales reps the benefits of broadening their appeal and expanding their product line, without appearing overly-pushy.
    2. What’s In It For Me — (WIIFM Principle) We push hospitality sales reps to always approach solutions from the prospect’s perspective — never trying to sell a customer something they don’t need.
    3. Selling Value over Price — Our workshops use numerous role-play exercises to help reps overcome the constant tug-of-war that occurs when hospitality industry customers concentrate exclusively on price, rather than value.
  3. Hotels and hospitality and tourism organizations are fighting harder than ever to meet and exceed expectations of travel consumers.

    • Energy management — Hotels need to be green and sustainable and invest in eco-friendly and renewable energy sources.
    • Shortage of trained personnel — Recruiting and keeping qualified (tech-savvy, highly trained) staff remains the largest single challenge.
    • Poor customer satisfaction — Once a hotel receives a bad review, it is extremely difficult to regain its reputable standing.
    1. Selling Change — Our hospitality sales training programs show how to use the concept of “change” as a selling advantage — where the customer sees the sales rep as a valued and trusted resource — making the customer’s life easier, more successful, and more profitable.
    2. Key Accounts — We demonstrate to reps how to identify their “sales champion” at each hospitality and travel organization for which they do business — helping to avoid potential obstacles encountered during the sales process.
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Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of our Hotel and Hospitality industry sales leaders have said about the results we helped their teams achieve

We documented 24% growth in one year. Plus your efforts led to one of our reps go from $300,000 to $4,100,000 in seven months. Nice job.” Owen Druckenmiller Managing Director,
The team loves what you’re doing to help them grow sales. You even have your own emoticon that gets circulated in the office!” Ed Barrientos Investor,
Paul, since you came in, we have increased our close rate by 4% and grown our average percentage goal from 85% to 90%. I want to share that and thank you for helping us grow!!!!” Ram Parimi VP of Sales,
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On-Site Hospitality Sales Training

Hospitality and travel businesses face stiff competition in a market where differentiating services grows more difficult every year. Performance Based Results delivers training for the travel industry that pinpoints the needs of customers and identifies unique solutions. Our Sales Bridge model, a six-step sales process will help your sales team get to know your prospects better. Armed with information, your sales team can create new strategies that fulfill customer needs while growing your bottom line.

Sales Bridge Model

The first step in our Sales Bridge model is planning and research. The more the sales reps learn about customers, the better they are able to build a strong opening and develop rapport. With rapport comes trust, and with trust comes the strategies that close sales. Success in the hospitality business means providing outstanding customer service. With help from Performance Based Results, sales teams can convert new guests to returning patrons. Our training strategy motivates employees in every part of your organization to enhance the customer experience, and assure a return visit.

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Become a Trusted Partner

Getting a customer to book a reservation – or convincing a guest to upgrade a room, book a spa treatment or order an expensive bottle of wine – means implementing a strategy that converts ambivalence to action. Our customized workshops will help sales staff members make the most of every selling opportunity.

Sales Rep Workshops

We offer a range of sales rep training workshops that will get sales teams engaged and motivated to build stronger customer relationships and close more deals faster.

Sales Management Workshops

Our selection of high-impact sales management workshops can provide sales managers with the skills needed to keep sales teams motivated, engaged, and operating at the level of performance needed to increase sales revenue.

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Case Study:

Leading Hotel and Resort


Leading hotel and resort had flat revenue while newer competitors were aggressively entering its markets. Time was of the essence. They had a great reputation in service by third-party organizations, but had the following dilemmas:

  • No established sales protocol.
  • Lack of performance standards and accountability.
  • High turnover at the upper management level.
  • Eroding profit margins.

PBR Solution

PBR put together a customized solution for the hotel sales team to begin aggressively prospecting for new business clients.

PBR worked closely with the hotel’s executives and leaders by instituting sales management coaching and in-the-field coaching programs that emphasized reinforcement of newly-developed skills.

The Results

  • Hotel achieved an annual increase in gross revenue by 38%.
  • Closure rate on quotes and proposals went from 25% to 43%.
  • Increase in 28% new customers the first twelve months.
  • Developed a systematic sales process where managers went on joint calls and reinforced the process in the field.
  • Reduced operating sales costs by 23%.
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Performance Guarantee

Our clients typically get 7 times their return-on-investment (ROI) – or better!