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Sales Performance Coaching

Even if you’ve done your best to hire like-minded, driven salespeople, their motivations vary. The way your sales reps, team members, and managers learn and develop new skills also varies. Although you may feel your usual sales training sessions are sufficient education tools, they may not be the best way to prepare your whole team. Even the most experienced sales professionals and sales management can benefit from one of our sales coaching programs. We guarantee coaching participants will become better sales pros, communicators, leaders, and decision-makers.

Sales Coaching plans we offer

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One-on-One Sales Coaching

If an individual team member’s performance is lacking, or this sales rep has not been able to move up to the next level, you will definitely benefit from our expert coaching program. If you participated in sports growing up, you remember the helpful tips a team coach can share to improve performance on the field or on the court. You certainly can recall the extra motivation to act on that coach’s words, simply due to the one-on-one, individual attention.

Targeted coaching

Because sales coaching is meant to help sales reps grow professionally, we believe that coaching should be more than industry-specific (or even departmental-specific). It should be customized to the individual’s or sales team’s needs. Every situation is different, and we will tailor our coaching strategies and techniques so your organization will receive the most from your program. Coaching participants will become better sales professionals, communicators, and decision-makers.

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Sales Leader Coaching

It’s simple. We know that in order for any of our sales training solutions to be successful — your organization’s sales management and leadership must be an integral part of that solution. Through our sales leader coaching we provide executives and managers the tools to motivate and empower their teams to be more action-oriented. They get the results they want and the answers they need. These intense coaching sessions provide the latest training methods to achieve maximum sales performance.

Collaborative Coaching

Your PBR sales coach won’t tell a coaching participant what actions are needed to make meaningful, quantifiable changes. Instead, our sales leader coaching will involve that person in the process of developing and making those changes. Strategic questions may be asked that will enable the coaching participant to see the obstacles in the way of their success and develop solutions to those problems.

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In-the-Field Coaching

A vital component in sales training involves our commitment to spending time in the field with your sales reps. These sessions – sometimes referred to as job shadowing are scheduled well in advance, and we share clear expectations regarding the purpose and intended outcome of this time together. We get to know each of your salespeople and build an individualized growth plan — creating strategies to maximize their innate strengths. Team members, many times, like and appreciate in-the-field sales coaching, because they get to witness actual growth in real time.

“Partner” Coaching

We go on live, face-to-face sales calls with the team member and the customer. We prepare a structured plan-of-action (before and after the call) to help progress the sales forward. Serving as an extension of the sales professional and the company itself — we endeavor to become your strategic partner.

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