Some comments from sales leaders about the results PBR training has helped their teams achieve

The team closed a $12 million opportunity because of your training. Now that’s delivering ROI.”
Christina Kachellek Learning Manager,
We’ve experienced over 215% growth since we’ve started with you. We’ve developed a powerful presence in the North American market, thanks to you.” Andrew Firth General Manager,
We documented 24% growth in one year. Plus your efforts led to one of our reps go from $300,000 to $4,100,000 in seven months. Nice job.” Owen Druckenmiller Managing Director,
You understood our business. Your training and support led to helping us increase our market share by 33%. Phenomenal job. Ron Arellano Manager,
United Companies
We documented $6 million in sales revenue that was directly tied to your training, coaching and reinforcement. You exceeded our expectations.” Christina Ide Director of Human Resources,
North Coast Electric
Our sales are up 52% from one year ago. For me personally, I went from $300k to 6 million in 15 months, thanks to you.” Trevor Wyman General Manager,
As a result of working with PBR, we went from a 25% to a 45% closure rate. Plus our first year with you, our sales went up 68%. Outstanding ROI as a result of working with you.” Terry Morris Sales Manager,
Dawson Tire
100 out of 100 for your delivery today. Thanks so much.

I especially liked the way you got everyone moving around the room, not just sitting – you really do an awesome job keeping us engaged and making the session practical to our real world sales challenges.” Jerry Currie VP Sales,
Hustler Equipment
Your one-day ride-along and participation on the sales call led to the $160,000 order we got. A small price for a great outcome. ” Ian Symington Owner,
Bordertown Retail Systems
We got great feedback from your presentation. Thank you for making an impact on our members and giving them take away tools to put into action” Roselle Foley Senior Director of Meetings,
National Association of Chemical Distributors
We’ve worked with Paul Cherry for five years. His ideas are thought provoking, and he challenges our team to stretch their comfort zone. Because of Paul, we have a highly professional sales team producing results” Mark Barthel President,
Springfield Electric
We’re over the moon. Our team exceeded their target by 20%. The training gave our team focus and motivation.” Trevor Greenfield Sales Manager,
Rio Nutrition
Your one-day session challenged our most seasoned team, yet raised the bar for our starters to step up to the plate quickly. Excellent program.” Derrin Hill Chief Sales Officer,
Imagine Learning
Highly interactive and engaging. Great job!” Paul Pignone Director of Training,
DOW Chemical
We had a great turnout at our annual meeting. Thanks for your hard work.” John Buckley Executive Vice President,
Industrial Supply Association
Paul gave us the key tools to succeed. We’re realizing immediate results.” Dave Massey President,
The Reach Group
You hit a home run.” Lori Mitchell Director of Retail Sales,
Seiko Optical Products
Thank you for a great presentation at the National Association of Chemical Distributors and contributing to the overall success of the annual meeting.” Roger Harris President,
Producers Chemicals
Paul is the best sales training resource I have witnessed. Paul is a gifted presenter who connects with your sales team and provides training that supports creation of emotional connections that drive sales growth. Regardless of your selling style, Paul will help improve your performance through better questions that will drive better sales effectiveness.” Jon Webb Vice President,
Integrated Power Services
Thrilled with how you got the team engaged. Amazing how you got a seasoned group out of their comfort zone and motivated to learn.” Roger Brooks Director of Training,
Safeguard Business Systems
Paul, since you came in, we have increased our close rate by 4% and grown our average percentage goal from 85% to 90%. I want to share that and thank you for helping us grow!!!!” Ram Parimi VP of Sales,
Social Tables
The team loves what you’re doing to help them grow sales. You even have your own emoticon that gets circulated in the office!” Ed Barrientos Investor,
Our meeting was a huge success. You are worth every penny and more.” Annette Waggoner Executive Director,
Commercial Collection Agency Association
Your two-day coaching session led us to close a $500,000 opportunity.” Shawn Plater General Manager,
Brook Recognition
We have a seasoned, polished, and well educated group. I am amazed how at the feedback we got as a result of your session. We already booked you for our next meeting, which we’ve never done with any speaker before. Thanks for the great job.” Rob Ackley VP Recruiting and Training Operations,
You equipped us with the skills to fully engage our customers in order to close more business.” Richard Parker President,
Midwest Medical
Great job customizing and delivering highly engaging sessions to help our team succeed.” Chris Strasinski VP of Sales,
Philips Remote Cardiac Service
You exceeded our expectations.” David Devenish Sales Manager,
Outstanding session, interactive, fun and practical.” Kellie Deandrea Sales Director,