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Master the evolving terrain of the B2B agriculture industry with Performance Based Results’ Agriculture Sales Training programs.

Today, agriculture stakeholders —farmers, agronomists, growers, producers, livestock handlers, ag tech firms, and machinery manufacturers and dealers—contend with an array of challenges. The industry’s risks are manifold and complex, from climate change, trade wars, and inflation to water disputes, labor shortages, logistics dilemmas, and supply chain shortages. However, the biggest challenge lies in how to sell effectively amidst these unique obstacles.
These programs equip sales teams with essential skills and help their customers gain a competitive edge and increase profitability.

Leveraging our industry expertise, we offer performance training that guarantees results, providing practical solutions for the constantly changing landscape of agricultural sales.

What is the importance of agriculture sales training?

In today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving agribusiness sector, the importance of specialized agriculture sales training cannot be overstated.
This training instills vital skills and knowledge required for an agricultural sales representative to excel in their role, contributing to business growth and customer satisfaction.

As you navigate this content, you’ll come across more compelling insights into the agribusiness industry’s challenges and how PBResults can empower your sales team with effective strategies and techniques. So stay tuned!

1. Understanding the Agriculture Industry

Gaining a solid and deep understanding of the Agriculture Industry is an essential first step in any successful agriculture sales training program.
In an industry marked by constant evolution, understanding the current trends, technological advancements, and market demands is paramount for those looking to navigate the competitive field of agri-business sales.

This part of the sales training is designed to immerse participants into the world of agriculture, considering the diverse and interconnected facets that make up this vital industry.

We believe in the power of knowledge. With the right information, sales professionals can position themselves as trusted advisors capable of providing real value to their customers.

By truly understanding the agriculture industry, participants can identify and seize agribusinesses for sale opportunities, effectively integrating their sales approach into the industry’s context.

Our agriculture sales training prepares you for real-world challenges and aims to enhance your skills for successful growth in this sector.

2. Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge is fundamental to successful agricultural sales training. The relationship between a business and its clients thrives on the trust that the company understands its products inside out.

This is even more crucial when considering the role of an agricultural sales representative, who is not merely selling products but offering solutions that could impact farmers’’ livelihoods and our environment’s health.

Knowing these factors can equip you to articulate the product’s benefits to the grower and confidently navigate any questions or objections.

Our agricultural sales training at PBResults focuses on ensuring that all members of your sales team are equipped with comprehensive product knowledge. We understand that thorough product knowledge is an invaluable sales tool that can separate you from your competitors.

In agriculture, where technology, best practices, and regulations constantly evolve, staying updated with product knowledge is not a one-time act.

It is an ongoing process, and our training aids your team in keeping pace. Stay tuned as we explore more benefits of our agricultural sales training modules.

3. Effective Communication Skills

Achieving successful sales in the agricultural industry demands more than just extensive product knowledge; it requires fine-tuned effective communication skills. Effective communication becomes even more crucial in agricultural sales, where decision-making can range from 30 days to a year.

Our Sales Bridge model emphasizes the importance of advanced questioning and listening skills. As one of the key components of our agricultural sales training, we aim to equip participants with the ability to uncover what their customers truly want and need.

Our focus on advanced questioning and listening skills sets us apart from competitors. It’s paramount to understand that sales communication is not solely about persuading farmers to purchase.

4. Relationship Building

A pivotal aspect of Crop sales training is Relationship Building. Developing and nurturing strong relationships is the key to sustainable success in agribusiness’s complex and ever-evolving landscape. At Performance Based Results (PBResults), we understand the intricate dynamics of relationship management in the agribusiness ecosystem.

Our unique approach equips your sales team with the ability to foster trust and mutual respect with farmers, thereby facilitating lucrative long-term partnerships.

Our training focuses on cultivating an in-depth understanding of the stakeholders’ needs, which are instrumental in tailoring business propositions that resonate with their customers. Through strategic communication and practical negotiation skills, we empower your team members to confidently engage with potential partners, laying the groundwork for productive collaboration.

So, let PBResults be your partner in mastering the art of building profitable relationships in the agribusiness industry. Next, we will discuss the closing techniques that can boost your team’s ability to close deals while sustaining these nurtured relationships effectively.

5. Closing Techniques

Closing techniques are critical to successful sales in the agriculture industry. Experienced sales professionals understand that closing a sale is more than just a final step; it’s a process that includes effectively addressing customer needs, overcoming obstacles, and demonstrating the value of your products or services.

A well-crafted closing technique can distinguish between a missed opportunity and a successful deal in the complex agribusiness sector.

At PBResults, our agricultural sales training teaches professionals to master compelling closing techniques designed specifically for the agri-business industry. It’s why our clients are so successful and why we’re in high demand from those looking for agribusinesses for sale.

Closing is the culmination of all the work done during the sales process. It’s more than just asking for the sale; it’s about demonstrating that you understand and can solve the farmers’ problems better than anyone else. With our training in agriculture sales, you’ll be equipped with the strategies and techniques needed to confidently and effectively close sales in this competitive industry.

Invest in our sales training and unlock the potential within your sales team to meet and exceed your business targets.

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Agrobiotechnologist at work.

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AgriBusiness Industry Pain-Points

Challenges that Performance Based Results will help tackle!

Changing innovative technologies

In the rapidly evolving field of agriculture, staying equipped with the latest innovative technologies is crucial. As technology changes the scope of farming practices, agribusinesses must adapt to these shifts.

The industry is becoming more efficient and productive with advancements such as IoT, precision agriculture, automation, and drone technology. However, these innovations also introduce new challenges.

Navigating the influx of these technologies and integrating them effectively into your business operations is instrumental.

Understanding these changing innovative technologies is a chief component of our Crop sales Training at PBResults. Our program aims to equip you with key insights, allowing you to utilize these technologies to increase sales and productivity and outperform your competitors.

2. Government policies, environmental regulations, and public health safety concerns

The agribusiness industry faces numerous challenges that directly influence profits and overall success. Topmost amongst these are government policies, environmental regulations, and public health safety concerns.

These factors significantly impact agribusiness operations and can create uncertainties for farmers, ranchers and producers. The legislative framework can often be complex and change frequently, making it difficult for those in the agribusiness industry to navigate.

These policies can dictate the methods of farming, dictate pricing, and also determine market access. It’s important to understand these dynamics and adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

Environmental regulations also pose challenges to agribusiness. Rules around sustainable farming practices, soil conservation, and water use can severely affect productivity. Agribusinesses need to remain compliant while still striving for profitability.

Furthermore, public health safety concerns have the potential to disrupt operations. A stringent focus is required on food safety procedures and standards to ensure the well-being of consumers.

3. Millennial farmers are altering the agri-buyer’s landscape

The landscape of the agricultural industry is undergoing a significant shift as Millennial farmers step into the limelight.

As the previous generation of Boomer farmers approaches retirement, a new generation of farming professionals emerges. These Millennials bring an increased business acumen and a sharp eye for optimizing productivity while reducing costs. It’s common now for the kids to get an agricultural and or business degree and take their newfound innovative ideas to run their family business. On the other hand you have big corporate farming operations buying up small family farms and are focused solely on bottom line results.

They are not merely farmers but shrewd business operators rapidly transforming the agri-buyer arena, demanding quality, value, innovation, and sustainability.

This paradigm shift necessitates a reimagining of traditional Crop sales strategies. Therefore, harnessing the right sales training becomes crucial to navigate this evolving landscape successfully.

Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of our AgriBusiness & Agriculture sales leaders have said about the results we helped their teams achieve

Why should you hire PBResults?

In today’s competitive market, having an edge over your rivals is crucial, and this is exactly what PBResults offers.

Our agricultural sales training programs are often the missing link between your business aspirations and the tangible success you desire. Here are three compelling reasons why you should hire PBResults.

Firstly, we are experts in specialized sales training tailored for agricultural sales representatives, ensuring that your team has the right skill set to master the agricultural industry. Our unique ‘Sales Bridge’ model has a proven track record in transforming agricultural sales teams’ operations, leading to increased sales and profitable growth.

Secondly, by engaging our services, you’re investing in a solution with a long history of success. Our sales training programs are renowned for spurring productivity and encouraging teams to build and expand prospecting to maintain a consistent pipeline of potential clientele.

Lastly, we take pride in our hands-on approach, providing continual guidance and support to help your team overcome challenges and achieve your business goals. With PBResults, you’re not just hiring a service.

You’re establishing a partnership with a reliable team of industry experts dedicated to your success.

1. Sales Bridge model

Leveraging our unique Sales Bridge model, we equip sales professionals with tailored strategies to fashion value-driven selling solutions for their agricultural business clientele.

Our model is designed to cultivate an understanding of the dynamic agricultural landscape, helping you navigate nuanced complexities while enhancing your product knowledge.

It emphasizes the power of effective communication, fostering proficiency in meaningful, open-ended queries and active listening to comprehend customer needs thoroughly.

With the Sales Bridge model, you will be able to build and sustain long-lasting customer relationships and confidently break through common barriers in customer engagement.

The model encourages the development of robust sales planning and research techniques, allowing you to acquire vital knowledge about your prospects, their unfulfilled ag-tech needs, and anticipated trends.

Our Sales Bridge model ensures that you stay ahead of the curve in an industry undergoing rapid evolution due to innovative technologies and changing government policies.

2. Crop sales training

Crop sales training is a crucial element that has the potential to revolutionize your agribusiness. At PBResults, we grasp the comprehensive nature of the agriculture industry and understand that knowledge of the sector is fundamental to successful sales.

Our specialized Crop sales training equips your sales team with invaluable insights into the industry, allowing them to comprehend and address your potential customers’ unique needs effectively.

Our curriculum is segmented into different categories, focusing on understanding the agriculture industry, comprehensive product knowledge, effective communication skills, promoting relationship building, and mastering closing techniques.

Understanding the agriculture industry is the cornerstone of our training program. We delve into the intricate workings of the sector, from seed to harvest, ensuring that your team is equipped to address all agri-related inquiries with confidence and authority.

This, combined with an in-depth knowledge of your business’s products and solutions, gives your sales team the edge in a highly competitive marketplace.

Moreover, relationship building is pivotal to the success of your business.

Our training includes modules to foster stronger connections with your customers, leading to sustained business growth. Finally, our training imparts potent closing techniques to convert potential leads into profitable sales.

3. Our programs encourage teams to build new contacts and expand prospecting

At PBResults, we aim to foster a business environment that grows with you. Our programs are specially designed to facilitate your growth within the agricultural industry, helping you become an effective Agricultural Sales Representative. One of our primary strategies is to encourage teamwork in compiling contact lists and expanding prospecting.

Why is this important? The agricultural sales landscape has become increasingly competitive, millennials taking over the family farm, corporate conglomerate buyouts since mom and dad are retiring, the kids wanting nothing to do with the farm and more. That means a proactive approach to prospecting.

Our methodology here is simple: the greater your network, the higher your chances are to close deals and outperform your competition.

We prioritize prospecting because it gives way to new opportunities.

With an expanded prospect market, we can help you tap into a larger customer base. Our programs provide you with the necessary tools to accomplish this and more consistently.

Start your journey to becoming a top-notch agricultural sales representative with us today. Explore more about how PBResults can help revolutionize your agri-business sales approach.

Agribusiness Sales Program Benefits

Transforming your agricultural sales performance begins with adopting the right strategies and having an equipped and motivated team.
With PBResults, we elevate your sales team’s capabilities through our comprehensive Agribusiness Sales Program.

We aim to turn each interaction into fruitful discussions and, eventually, successful sales.

The benefits of our Agribusiness Sales Program are vast; they include being able to:

1. Identify successful agribusiness strategies and techniques that resonate with your target audience.
2. Develop rapport for effective communication and collaboration, cutting through the noise of the competitive agribusiness landscape.
3. Build stronger and more productive customer relationships that foster loyalty and customer retention.
4. Breakthrough common barriers that stand in the way of determining your customer’s level of commitment, making your team sales-efficient.
5. Acquire the skills and confidence needed to close deals consistently and effectively.
6. Stay motivated and maintain high performance, ensuring a proactive and high-energy team.

1. Identifying Successful Agribusiness Strategies and Techniques

Understanding the agricultural industry demands more than just product knowledge and excellent communication skills. It calls for a deep dive into proven agribusiness strategies and techniques.

With our specialized agricultural sales training, you gain insights into the success stories of top agribusinesses and learn to replicate their best practices.

We firmly believe that each market, farm, and product is unique. Ask any grower, rancher or producer if their operation is unique. And you know their answer. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in Crop sales.

The sales techniques you acquire from our program have been tried and tested in the real world and can be adapted to your particular situation.

In the ag sales landscape, understanding these strategies and techniques is vital – to survive and thrive.

So, are you ready to elevate your agricultural sales game by identifying successful strategies and techniques? Let us help you unlock the full potential of your agribusiness. Dive deeper with us into the world of effective ag sales strategies.

2. Developing Rapport for Effective Collaboration and Communication

Developing rapport and fostering effective collaboration and communication is an imperative skill in agricultural sales.

This not only helps in understanding the client’s needs and preferences but also builds trust, which is a priceless commodity in the market.

As per the PBResults’ philosophy, the process of building rapport is more than just casual conversation; it’s about uncovering the motivational drivers of our clients and employing advanced questioning and listening skills to discover what they really want.

Our AgriBusiness Sales program is designed to hone these skills among the sales team. We focus on the practice of active listening, empathetic responses, and proper questioning techniques, ensuring that every interaction with clients is productive and meaningful.

Join us at PBResults and experience how our industry-leading strategies can transform your sales team into communication experts adept at developing a strong rapport with clients.

Remember, better communication leads to better understanding, which ultimately translates to increased sales and profitability.

3. Building Stronger, Productive Customer Relationships

Building stronger, productive customer relationships is an integral part of successful agricultural sales. It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about fostering trust, understanding customer needs, and providing solutions that make their operations more efficient and profitable.

This is where our agricultural sales training makes a difference.

We teach sales professionals how to establish and nurture connections that lead to loyal ag business relationships.

Our sales training programs incorporate advanced questioning and listening skills, enhancing your team’s ability to uncover the customer’s real needs.

We emphasize on consultative selling—a complex, multi-contact approach—that nurtures long-term relationships and fosters loyalty.

We understand that the agriculture industry is unique, with its own set of challenges and demands.

Our training programs are designed to equip your team to handle these specific scenarios.

4. Breaking Through Common Barriers in Customer Engagement

Engaging customers in the agribusiness industry can sometimes be hampered by various barriers. These could range from the complex nature of agriculture business transactions to the ever-evolving landscape of agricultural technology and policies.

We at PBResults understand this and have tailored our Crop sales training program to equip our trainees with the tools necessary to excel in this environment.

Our training program develops your skills to overcome common obstacles in customer engagement. We believe that understanding the customer’s perspective is the key to breaking through these barriers.

Thus, we emphasize advanced questioning and listening skills, inspired by our best-selling book ‘Questions that Sell the Powerful Process to Discover What Your Customer Really Wants.’

This approach allows you to uncover the root cause of any hesitation or resistance from the customer, enabling you to effectively address their concerns.

Whether you are dealing with lost sales revenue, missed targets, or ineffective selling performance, our training program offers effective solutions.

Take the leap today and empower yourself to break through common barriers in customer engagement in the Agribusiness sector. Let PBResults be your guide on this journey to professional growth and success.

5. Acquiring Skills and Confidence in Closing Deals

In our agriculture training program, one of the key benefits is the development of skills and confidence when it comes to closing deals.
This part of the sales process is crucial, as it determines whether the efforts of the sales team will bear fruit or not. With our expert training, we help individuals acquire the necessary skill set to not only approach but also finalize sales effectively.

We understand that closing a deal, especially in the Agribusiness sphere, can be a complex process, filled with tough negotiations and last-minute objections.
Therefore, we focus on imparting advanced sales questioning and listening techniques – skills that distinguish our training and have proven to be highly successful.

But we don’t stop at skills training – we aim to build confidence in our trainees.

So, whether you’re a seasoned sales professional looking to sharpen your skills or a team leader who needs your squad to hit and surpass targets, this part of our program will prove to be transformative.

Our training ensures not just a boost in your sales figures but a motivated, confident team ready to take on the Agribusiness sales landscape.

6. Staying Motivated and Maintaining High Performance

Staying motivated and maintaining high performance is crucial in the Agribusiness industry. Motivation drives the passion to excel and deliver top-tier results, while sustained high performance ensures that targets are consistently met and surpassed.

In the world of agriculture sales, these two elements are fundamental to the success of any sales team.

At PBResults, our Agriculture Sales program equips salespeople with the necessary tools to stay motivated and maintain high performance. We believe that motivation comes from within, and our program is designed to unearth this internal drive within each member of your sales team.

By incorporating strategies to stay enthusiastic and engaged, we transform your salespeople into high performers who employ the right selling behaviors to close deals effectively.

What are our strategies?

The bedrock of successful business operations lies in having a clear vision and a definite plan in place to achieve it. In this context, the Sales Bridge model, an innovative creation of Paul Cherry, offers a blueprint for addressing your unique sales challenges.

At PBResults, we leverage this cutting-edge model to answer your company’s most pressing queries- from boosting profit margins and enhancing customer engagement to efficiently managing a field-deployed sales force.

With our specialized agricultural sales training strategies, we provide the guidance you need to navigate through the complex landscape of agribusiness sales. Let us help you map your way to success.


Become a Trusted Partner

Our robust agriculture sales training program is key to cementing your standing as a trustworthy partner in the agribusiness industry.

At PBResults, we are committed to equipping your team with advanced sales knowledge and techniques, transforming them into professionals who not only understand their customers’ needs but also effectively address them.

Our training goes above and beyond, providing employees with a comprehensive understanding of the agriculture industry, product knowledge, and the art of effective communication.

Moreover, we focus on enhancing their relationship-building and closing techniques, thus making them proficient in securing high-value business deals.
Our training approach is hands-on and interactive, ensuring each participant becomes a better communicator, leader, and decision-maker, resulting in improved management and effective lead-nurturing strategies.

Contact us, and let’s shape the future of your agribusiness together.

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When it comes to finding the right partner for your agriculture sales training needs, PBResults is ready and eager to work with you. Please contact us and start a conversation about how we can help your team soar to new heights.

We are on standby, excited to help you navigate the challenging landscape of the agricultural industry and transform your sales strategies.
Our passion is rooted in providing exceptional ag sales training and building lasting relationships with our clients. We’ve created a culture that values communication, understanding, and results.

Whether you’re a president, CEO, business owner, sales manager, or sales team leader, we are here to guide you. Even if you’re an assistant in the research phase, we welcome your inquiry and are eager to demonstrate how we can be a great fit.

Why hesitate?

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With PBResults, you’re one step away from securing a prosperous future in ag sales. Reach out today, and let’s start forging a path toward your success together.


Leading Agriculture Manufacturer


  • Manufacturer of cattle nutritional products struggling with 0% sales growth.
  • Salespeople taking orders and servicing existing accounts.
  • Price objections and no name brand recognition.
  • No structure or KPIs to measure and monitor sales performance.
  • Lack of accountability and low morale.

PBR Solution

In order to change sales behaviors, the company turned to Performance Based Results to put together a sales training, coaching and management development program that would focus on changing the sales culture.

To improve the quality of calls made by sales reps, PBR went in-the-field and shadowed sales calls, then conducted pre-planning and post-review coaching sessions. Major emphasis was placed on:

  • Consultative selling to up-sell and cross-sell.
  • Closing more business by encouraging reps to decisively ask the customer for the order.

The Results

Year One: In the 12 months following initial training:

  • The company generated more than 50% sales growth
  • Closing ratio went from 10% to 31%.
  • Average order size increased 28%.
  • Salespeople were given every Friday afternoon off.

Year Two:

  • Revenue increased from $15 million to $20 million.
  • Sales manager promoted to executive leadership position.

Bottom line: The company’s sales force was working less hours for greater results. A win-win for everyone.

Performance Guarantee

Our clients typically get 7 times their return-on-investment (ROI) – or better!