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Inspiring, Engaging and Motivating • Event Keynote Speakers

Rather than listening to your sales team question whether a lecture was worth their time, wouldn’t you rather hear them describe a keynote address you’ve arranged as “motivational,” “engaging,” and “inspiring”?

Salespeople often use these words to describe keynote addresses delivered by top-selling author, B2B sales expert Paul Cherry and management, leadership expert Patrick Connor.

Paul and Patrick (individually, or as a team) will deliver an impactful keynote address that will motivate and educate your sales-force. Our keynote addresses are completely personalized for your event and industry. Performance Based Results can even go beyond the keynote and assemble a custom training program that includes workshops to reinforce Paul and Patrick’s major points — making them unforgettable.

Performance Guarantee

Our clients typically get 7 times their return-on-investment (ROI) – or better!

Success in business hinges on adapting, motivating, and overcoming challenges. Consequently, one of the most powerful tools is the impactful keynote speech.

Sales keynote speakers can breathe new life into your sales strategy by delivering insights that inspire action and drive results. In other words, with the right keynote, you can reinvigorate your sales team, tapping into motivations that elevate performance and productivity. 

Therefore, our sales motivational speakers are here to address your pain points, from lost revenue to ineffective selling practices, and turn them into strengths. 

Above all, a sales speaker can guide your team toward closing more sales and outshining the competition. So, get ready to transform your sales strategy today!

The power of a great keynote

A great keynote can transform your sales strategy by igniting motivation and fostering engagement. 

Our motivational sales speaker excels at connecting with your team, driving home essential messages that resonate and inspire action. 

As one of the best sales motivational speakers, our approach is tailored to address your unique challenges, ensuring your team is empowered and equipped to achieve new heights in sales performance.

Driving motivation and engagement

Driving motivation and engagement is at the core of Performance-Based Results’ mission. Our sales keynote speakers are experts at delivering robust, engaging messages that resonate with your sales team. 

As a result, they leave the audience inspired and ready to take action. Motivation is crucial for any sales team, and our sales motivational speakers provide the needed spark that drives performance and engagement.

For instance, our keynotes are not just about motivation; they are about igniting a passion for achieving and surpassing sales targets. 

They empower your team with the right mindset and skills, which leads to enhanced productivity and a significant boost in morale. In short, we transform motivation into tangible results.

Tailored to your needs

At Performance-Based Results, we understand that every sales team faces unique challenges and opportunities. Therefore, we offer “tailored to your needs” keynote sessions meticulously designed to address your business objectives. 

Consequently, our expert speakers will craft content that speaks directly to your identified pain points and goals, ensuring that your team remains engaged and motivated.

Moreover, customized keynotes mean we consider your industry context, sales cycle duration, and team dynamics. 

In other words, we don’t just deliver a one-size-fits-all presentation; we create a targeted strategy that aligns perfectly with your sales targets and objectives.

This personalized approach guarantees that our insights are practical, relevant, and immediately actionable for your team.

Performance Guarantee

At Performance-Based Results, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Therefore, we confidently offer a performance guarantee. 

Our top-tier sales keynote speakers and motivational speakers are committed to delivering impactful sessions to boost your sales team’s performance. 

If our tailored solutions don’t meet your expectations, we will work with you until they do. Consequently, you can invest in our services with unmatched confidence. Your success is our mission.

Unmatched return on investment (ROI)

When it comes to boosting your sales team’s performance, investing in our top sales motivational speakers guarantees an unmatched return on investment (ROI). 

Our speaker sales programs are designed to deliver tangible results, transforming your team’s motivation into measurable outcomes. Consequently, you will witness increased sales, improved team morale, and higher productivity levels.

Incorporating years of expertise and proven methodologies, our motivational sales speakers craft keynotes that inspire and equip your team with actionable strategies. 

In other words, with our comprehensive approach, you’re not merely investing in a speech; you’re investing in results that drive your company toward new heights of success. 

Above all, our commitment to delivering unparalleled value ensures that every dollar spent translates into significant business growth.

Beyond the keynote: custom training programs

Our services go beyond the keynote, offering custom training programs that are meticulously designed to reinforce key messages and foster continuous learning. 

As renowned sales keynote speakers, we understand that a single event can’t achieve sustained transformation. Therefore, our sales motivational speakers collaborate with your team to create tailored workshops and continuous learning modules. 

This ensures your sales team retains and implements the impactful strategies introduced during the keynote.

Reinforcing key messages

Reinforcing key messages is crucial for embedding the core principles and strategies of any sales training program. 

Motivational sales speakers can ensure that the training resonates deeply and enduringly with their team by consistently integrating and emphasizing these messages through various methods. 

Consequently, this approach leads to sustained behavioral change and increased sales performance.

In addition, workshops and continuous learning sessions can further fortify these key messages. Moreover, by providing tailored content that directly addresses your team’s unique challenges, we ensure that the principles are relevant and actionable. 

This multifaceted strategy sets the best sales motivational speakers apart, driving substantial growth and profitability for your business. In summary, reinforcing key messages can create a cohesive, motivated, and highly effective sales team.

Workshops and continuous learning

Continuous learning is crucial for staying ahead in today’s rapidly changing sales environment. Our workshops are designed to provide ongoing education that reinforces key sales principles and introduces innovative techniques. 

Led by top sales motivational speakers, these workshops offer practical, hands-on training focused on real-world challenges your team faces daily.

Moreover, we ensure the content is tailored to your specific business needs, making it highly relevant and immediately applicable. 

With our dynamic sessions, your team will grasp advanced concepts and learn how to implement them effectively. 

In short, our workshops are indispensable for driving long-term sales success and keeping your team inspired and motivated. Choose our workshops to cultivate a culture of perpetual growth and excellence.

Why choose Performance-Based Results?

Performance-Based Results stands out for our expert speakers and customized solutions tailored to your unique needs. 

Our sales keynote speakers are industry leaders with a proven track record of driving sales and motivating teams. In addition, we offer bespoke programs designed to address your specific challenges. 

By choosing us, you invest in a transformative experience that guarantees measurable results and long-term success.

Expert speakers

At Performance-Based Results, we pride ourselves on bringing you expert speakers who are knowledgeable and highly effective in their delivery. 

Our team consists of the best sales motivational speakers in the industry, including our founder, a renowned author published by Harper Collins Leadership. 

These speakers excel in advanced sales questioning and listening skills, ensuring that your team receives top-tier training. Our expert speakers understand the unique challenges of B2B sales environments and are adept at tailoring their keynotes to address these issues directly. 

With their deep industry knowledge and engaging presentation styles, they will undoubtedly inspire, engage, and motivate your sales teams to achieve exceptional results.

Customized solutions

At Performance-Based Results, we understand that every business is unique and faces distinct challenges. Therefore, our customized solutions are designed to address your specific needs and objectives. 

As an expert sales keynote speaker, we craft tailored presentations that resonate with your team and target your pain points, whether it’s lost sales revenue or ineffective performance.

Our sales motivational speakers delve deeply into your organization’s culture and goals, ensuring that the strategies we deliver are impactful and actionable. 

Whether your focus is on boosting engagement, enhancing selling behaviors, or outdoing competitors, our bespoke approach guarantees relevant and actionable insights. 

Trust our sales speakers to provide solutions that not only motivate but also facilitate tangible improvements in your sales performance.

Proven success

Our track record speaks volumes when it comes to proven Success. At Performance-Based Results, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to transform sales teams. 

Our speaker sales expertise and methodology have fueled significant increases in productivity and revenue for countless businesses. 

As top sales motivational speakers, we focus on fostering an environment where motivation translates directly into measurable outcomes. 

Our clients have seen remarkable results, from closing more sales to surpassing their revenue targets. 

Consequently, our motivational sales speakers are not just inspirational—they are instrumental in turning potential into performance. In other words, our proven success is your guarantee that partnering with us will drive your sales force to new heights. 

Take your success seriously; trust in our proven methods.

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