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Here are some clips from our live sales training workshops.

Inspiring, Engaging and Motivating • Event Keynote Speakers

Rather than listening to your sales team question whether a lecture was worth their time, wouldn’t you rather hear them describe a keynote address you’ve arranged as “motivational,” “engaging,” and “inspiring”?

Salespeople often use these words to describe keynote addresses delivered by top-selling author, B2B sales expert Paul Cherry and management, leadership expert Patrick Connor.

Paul and Patrick (individually, or as a team) will deliver an impactful keynote address that will motivate and educate your sales-force. Our keynote addresses are completely personalized for your event and industry. Performance Based Results can even go beyond the keynote and assemble a custom training program that includes workshops to reinforce Paul and Patrick’s major points — making them unforgettable.

Performance Guarantee

Our clients typically get 7 times their return-on-investment (ROI) – or better!