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Have you ever looked forward to attending a keynote address, knowing that you were going to get pumped up with tons of exciting and innovative ideas to maximize your success, only to be left scratching your head about the content or the lecturer’s presentation? Instead of getting the audience to embrace change, the presenter created resistance. Perhaps you asked yourself afterwards, “What the #$@ was corporate thinking bringing in this clown to present to us?”

When a keynote speaker doesn’t deliver content with the purpose to inspire, engage, and motivate your team to action, you’re probably going to hear your sales staff grumbling about it being a waste of time. Don’t let this happen to you.

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Watch as Paul Cherry and Patrick Connor reveal why “sales training doesn’t work”

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Paul Cherry: The Keynote Speaker To Inspire Your Team

Rather than listening to your sales team question whether a lecture was worth their time, wouldn’t you rather hear them describe a keynote address you’ve arranged as “motivational,” “engaging,” “inspiring,” and “worthwhile”? Salespeople often use those words to describe keynote addresses delivered by top-selling author, B2B sales expert, sales coach and keynote speaker, Paul Cherry.

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Paul Cherry uses his more than 20 years of experience working with over 1,200 businesses to create interactive presentations. They contain results-driven ideas your employees can put into practice the same day.

Whether your sales staff is composed of people who recently completed their training, individuals at the midpoint of their careers, employees who have been selling for decades, or all of the above, Cherry’s message will hit home with each of them. He won’t present a rehashed keynote address when he visits your location. Instead, he will craft a customized, actionable presentation that will leave your employees wanting more.

Experience More With Performance Based Results

Our Founder and President, Paul Cherry, will deliver an unforgettable keynote address that will motivate and educate your salesforce. Performance Based Results can even go beyond the keynote and assemble a custom training program that includes workshops to reinforce Paul’s major points, making them unforgettable.

These workshops also give your sales team the chance to practice what they’ve learned through role playing, thought-provoking discussions, and other interactive activities. Not only are you inspiring your team, you are now changing and sustaining the right sales behaviors. And that means higher margins, more closed sales and with less effort.

If you need additional training for your sales managers or front-line sales reps, we can design a comprehensive training solution that is specific to your industry and business. Like you, we’re results-driven. We know we only see results when you see improved results. That’s why we’ll create a custom training program that’s designed to achieve your unique goals.

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What You Can Expect

Performance Based Results guarantees your satisfaction. If overall participant feedback is less than satisfactory, we’ll give you your money back, guaranteed. We dare anyone else to offer a similar guarantee. Your sales team will walk away feeling energized and armed with actionable strategies that can be put into action immediately. With 84% of our clients seeing a 12-to-1 return on their investment, you’ll be glad you chose Performance Based Results for your sales training needs as well