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Elevate your business growth with our transformative Dental Device Sales Training, designed to power up your sales capacity. 

At, we equip your team with top-tier strategies and advanced selling techniques focused on how to engage dental practices, including dentists, dental hygiene assistants, practice managers, and clinician staff.

Our expert training helps improve productivity and profitability and empowers your team to overcome challenges like missed targets and poor selling performance. 

Whether you are operating in the US or Canada, our tactics transcend borders, driving growth and overcoming competitors. 

Unleash your full potential with our program and make a noticeable difference in increasing dental device sales and dental medical sales.

Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of our Healthcare and Medical sales leaders have said about the results we helped their teams achieve

Why Choose Our Dental Device Sales Training?

Choosing our dental supply sales Training means unlocking your potential for higher profits and sales productivity. 

With expertise built on years of professional B2B interactions, we offer a unique approach to sales training. Our advanced sales questioning and listening techniques provide a competitive edge that business leaders globally have endorsed. 

Whether you’re in the US or Canada, our coaching programs are specifically designed to solve issues like ineffective selling performance, lost sales revenue, and poor prospecting. Discover why we are the go-to choice for your dental device sales training.

1. Competitive Pricing and Special Offers

Understanding the value of your investment is imperative in any business decision. For our Dental Device Sales Training, we offer competitive pricing and special offers designed to grow your business. 

Top-quality training does not have to cost a fortune. 

Our pricing model is clear and transparent and provides excellent value for the level of expertise and knowledge provided. In addition, we frequently offer special promotions and discounts to ensure exceptional service is accessible to all our clients. 

We understand that boosting sales and profitability is crucial to your business, and therefore, our pricing structure and special offers are designed to support this goal. 

In summary, our competitive pricing and special offers make our Dental Device Sales Training an investment that delivers significant returns.

2. Wide Range of Top-Quality Products

Our dental equipment sales training offers a wide range of top-quality products to empower your sales force. Each product is meticulously designed to address specific pain points in the dental supply sales process. 

Whether you’re battling lost sales revenue, poor selling performance, or struggling to outdo competitors, we’ve got you covered. 

Our training tools emphasize advanced questioning and listening skills, giving your team the competitive edge they need. 

Moreover, our products cater to businesses of all sizes and types, providing a comprehensive solution for dental supply sales. In short, with our diverse, high-quality product range, we aim to enhance your sales performance, ultimately leading to increased profits and business growth. 

Ready to discover the difference top-quality products can make? Our exceptional customer service team is waiting to assist you. Turn your sales efforts around today with our top-quality product range.

3. Exceptional Customer Service and Support

In the competitive world of dental equipment sales, exceptional customer service and support can determine success. We pride ourselves on offering unmatched customer service, always putting our clients’ needs first. 

Whether you need assistance in selecting the right products, have queries about our training programs, or need post-sale support, we’re here to help. Our team is committed to providing rapid, effective solutions, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. 

We understand that in B2B relationships, each interaction matters. Therefore, we strive to provide a personalized, consultative approach in every situation. 

Our goal is not just to meet your expectations but exceed them, delivering the exceptional customer service and support that sets us apart from the competition. Choose us for empowered sales teams, improved performance, and delighted customers. 

4. Flexible Payment Options and Financing

Understanding the needs of our clients, we have introduced flexible payment options and financing for our dental equipment sales Training. 

Financial constraints should not hinder your growth and skill development. With us, you will discover a variety of payment options designed to suit your specific needs and budget. We offer a range of financing plans, including installment-based payments, tailored to provide financial ease for your dental equipment sales training. 

We prioritize making our top-quality sales training accessible and affordable for everyone in the B2B industry. Explore our flexible payment options and secure your opportunity to advance your sales skills, motivate your team, and boost your revenue. 

With our accommodating financial plans, you can focus on learning and results without worrying about affordability. We are ready to invest in your success, are you?

Ready to Sell More?

Ready to elevate your dental device sales and supercharge your team’s performance? Here at PB Results, we offer effective solutions tailored to your needs. 

Our sales training programs, grounded in advanced questioning and listening skills, are designed to accelerate results and foster growth. We address key challenges you face, such as how to gain and sustain access to dentists and their staff, overcoming gatekeeper barriers, handling objections, disrupting entrenched competitors, closing the sale and more.

Investing in our comprehensive programs opens the door to higher profits, greater productivity, and a well-motivated sales team. Plus, with an impressive track record and a best-selling book confirming our expertise, we assure you of our competence. 

So, are you ready to sell more and achieve extraordinary growth? Choose PB Results.

1. Get a Free Consultation and Quote

Indulge yourself in the advantages of our advanced sales training with a free consultation and quote. We can provide unmatched training solutions by understanding your needs, concerns, and challenges. 

We’re confident that after experiencing our professional, customer-oriented approach, you’ll see the value in our services. 

Our unique expertise in advanced sales questioning and listening means we are poised to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations. 

Save time, save money, and, most importantly, increase your sales and profits. Don’t miss this chance – it’s free, with no obligation. Act today and step towards transforming your sales performance.

2. Explore Our Customized Programs

Elevate your dental medical sales with our tailored training programs for your team. We recognize that no two organizations are the same. Hence, we provide a variety of customizable programs to meet your specific needs. 

Our customized programs cover everything from mastering advanced questioning and listening skills to understanding customer psychology. 

Our programs are expertly crafted to help your team meet and exceed their sales targets, thus boosting your business profitability. 

So, if you wish to transform your sales team into high-performing sales professionals, explore our customized programs today. Take your business to new heights with our expert-crafted training.

3. Contact Us Today for More Information

You’re one step away from transforming your sales team’s performance and your business’s profitability. 

Contact us today for more detailed information on our dental device sales training. We understand your need for industry-specific solutions and are ready to guide you through our result-driven programs. 

Our training will enhance your team’s sales skills and position your business at the forefront of your industry. Stop your competitors from getting ahead. Our representatives can answer your queries and provide personalized advice tailored to your business needs. 

Make today the day you decide to invest in your sales team’s growth and your company’s future success. Contact us now, and let’s get started!

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Global Medical Device Manufacturer


Highly technical medical device sales professionals had difficulty gaining access and engaging physicians. Too much time was spent driving to accounts, service calls, paperwork, calling on non-decision-makers (nurses, therapists, billing clerks, technicians, and administrative assistants). Additional challenges included the following:

  • No structured sales and sales management process in place.
  • Every rep sold differently — lack of a uniform approach/lack of consistency and accountability.
  • Product marketing department did not communicate with sales department.
  • Sales reps too comfortable selling one product line over other product lines.

PBR Solution

  • PBR put together medical device sales management training and medical device sales training programs focused on physician engagement strategies.
  • PBR also customized a C-level executive sales training program to equip the sales reps to pro-actively call on individuals such as:

+ Hospital Administrators

+ CEOs and CFOs

+ Vice Presidents

+ Procurement Directors

+ GPO and IDN key decision-makers

The Results

  • Medical device manufacturer documented $8,234,000 of sales revenue as a direct result of the 3-month sales training program.
  • Medical device sales reps consistently sold all five product lines to meet performance targets.
  • Medical device sales reps demonstrated the following sales improvement activities:

+ 18.7% increase in sales calls.

+ 24.3 % increased face-time with the doctor.

+ Shortened sales cycle by 17.2%.

+ Increased closure rate by 16.9%.

+ Greater marketing and sales collaboration to speed up product launches.

+ 12 months after the training program, client increased sales revenue by 14%.