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You have the corner office you’ve always wanted, and your official title has changed to “sales manager.” You’ve finally earned some status. And now everyone can turn to you as the go-to authority for answers. As you settle into your new office, you take a moment to look back on the sales that have led you to be where you are today. A member of your sales team interrupts your reverie by walking into your office not to congratulate you, but to tell you he’s going to take an unscheduled vacation. More specifically, he informs you that he’s taking a vacation at the end end of the month - precisely when you’ll need your entire team to close as many sales as possible.

That’s the moment you realize that you won’t be able to rely on your exceptional sales abilities to succeed in your new job. Instead, you’ll have to learn how to manage and motivate others and hold them accountable for sales results.

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Better Manage Your Sales Force through Reinforcement

Managing a sales force isn’t like managing a department behind the scenes. A sales team is typically composed of serious professionals who are as dynamic as they are driven to achieve their sales goals. Some are demanding. Others are annoying. And a few can be draining, leaving you little time to focus on the important.

As a sales manager, it’s your job to give your sales reps the tools they need to succeed, including ongoing sales training and sales coaching. In order to change and mold the right behaviors and keep your sales team focused, you’ll need to reinforce the skills taught in these training sessions repeatedly to truly see the lasting changes and reap the benefits of improved performance. With sales management training from PBR, we work with you to come up with ways to reinforce those new skills for a lasting impact.

Serious Sales Training For Business Leaders

Great sales outcomes begin with great sales managers. We equip you with the skill set to train, coach and reinforce the lessons your team learns. Best of all, you’re maximizing sales team performance because you’ve mastered how to be a proven sales leader that inspires your team into action. Training that delivers the most impact starts and ends with you as a great sales manager.

No longer do you need to roll your eyes at the notion of attending yet another cookie cutter, off-the-shelf training session that’s been delivered countless times to companies across industries. With Performance Based Results, you’ll particpate in a sales management training session unlike any you’ve attended before. Why? Because it’s customized specifically to your unique challenges and goals as well as your industry. Get a lot more done as a sales manager and with a lot less effort with Performance Based Results sales management training solutions.

Customized Solutions targeted for Sales Management

Our customized management training solutions will give you the skills you need to keep your team motivated, engaged, and performing at the level you want. We understand that managing others can be challenging for even the most seasoned sales manager, and we can do more than empathize with your frustrations. Performance Based Results can create a sales management training program that takes you from being exasperated to being excited about achieving your desired results.

Sales management can be a fun and rewarding experience, and with the right tools you’ll be changing the lives of your staff members to allow them to be the best they can be. Our training solutions will prepare you to create a selling culture that’s driven by knowledge, positivity, teamwork, and hard work - a culture that can help you and your team surpass your goals. After you attend one of our customized sales management training sessions, you’ll know that achieving the results you want isn’t only a dream - it’s a conclusion that’s within your reach.

Important Fact:

92% of our sales training clients realize 10 times (or greater) on their return-on-investment