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At Performance Based Results, we’re dedicated to empowering nonprofits through our tailored Salesforce training, ensuring a far-reaching and significant impact.
Recognizing that many nonprofits encounter difficulties when it comes to selling, we offer a unique blend of instruction and hands-on experience designed to make your team more competitive and impactful.

Be it trade associations, community organizations, or media groups, we strive to help you develop a robust “sales model.” This model is essential for your team members to perform their roles efficiently and foster strong relationships with customers, members, donors, or clients.

Performance Based Results specializes in providing customized Sales Bridge workshops. These workshops incorporate the best practices of “for-profit” prospect management and skillfully apply them to the non-profit world.

With our Salesforce training for nonprofits, we pave the way for your organization to leverage the power of Salesforce and drive impactful outreach initiatives.
Whether you’re seeking Salesforce for nonprofits certification or exploring free courses of Salesforce for nonprofits , our offering is designed to provide you with the support you need to thrive in your noble endeavors.

Customized Nonprofit Development Sales Training

Amplify your nonprofit’s impact with tailored Salesforce training designed to drive successful development and fundraising efforts. Traditional sales strategies often fail to translate well within the nonprofit ecosystem, as they require an altogether different set of skills and sensitivities.

However, at Performance Based Results, we specialize in bridging this knowledge gap, ensuring your organization does not lose ground due to ineffective sales techniques.

Nonprofits can transform their fundraising and outreach functions to create lasting, meaningful impact with our salesforce nonprofit training program.
This customized training will help your nonprofit effectively navigate the unique nuances of fundraising, adapt to changing circumstances, and leverage the power of Performance-Based Results to overcome traditional sales challenges.

1. Unique Nature of Nonprofit Fundraising

Given the unique nature of nonprofit fundraising, it is essential to understand the intricate dynamics that operate within this sphere.
Unlike standard businesses, nonprofits engage with donors, volunteers, and communities who are driven not by profit but by the noble cause that the organization stands for. This calls for a shift in perspective from traditional sales techniques.

Salesforce nonprofit training, offered by PB Results, recognizes these unique attributes and offers tailored strategies that help nonprofits connect with their supporters in a more meaningful way.
The focus is not just on raising funds but on cultivating long-lasting relationships built on mutual trust and shared values.

2. Challenges with Traditional Sales Techniques

Traditional sales techniques often fall short when applied in the nonprofit sector. One reason for this is that these techniques are typically designed for a different kind of customer base.
For instance, traditional sales approaches often focus on promoting a product or service’s features and benefits, aiming for a quick close and a one-time transaction.

However, in nonprofit fundraising, the ‘customers’ are donors who may not be seeking immediate and tangible rewards.
Instead, they’re motivated by a desire to make a positive impact, support a cause they care about, or receive tax benefits. Therefore, the traditional sales pitch simply doesn’t resonate.

Moreover, nonprofit sales often involve more complex sales cycles with multiple stakeholders involved, which requires further adaptations of traditional sales techniques.

3. Importance of Effective Fundraising in Nonprofits

Effective fundraising can make the difference between barely surviving and thriving in nonprofit organizations. Understanding the unique nature of nonprofit fundraising is crucial; it’s not merely about generating revenue; more fundamentally, it’s about fostering strong relationships with donors.

It’s worth noting that traditional sales techniques often fall short when applied to nonprofit fundraising.
The typical strategies used in a profit-driven sector may not resonate with donors, who are driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the world, not just their personal return on investment.

Effective fundraising is about more than just raising money. It’s an art of persuasion, storytelling, and relationship-building. It requires understanding donors’ motivations and communicating how their contributions can make a real difference.
However, executing effective fundraising strategies necessitates adaptation and flexibility. After all, the nonprofit sector is constantly evolving, and what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.

With PBR as your trusted partner, you can unlock the full potential of your fundraising efforts and take your organization to new heights. We’re here to help you transform obstacles into opportunities.

4. Need for Adaptation and Flexibility

Amid the dynamic world of nonprofit development, the need for adaptation and flexibility in sales training methods stands as a chief concern.
The traditional, one-size-fits-all approach no longer cuts it in an environment marked by distinct and evolving needs.

Embracing adaptability is paramount as it lets you pivot swiftly and effectively in line with the unique nature of nonprofit fundraising.
As such, our program ensures that your team stays ahead of the curve, equipping you with up-to-date Salesforce skills tailored to your organization’s specific context.

The approach recognizes that what worked yesterday may not necessarily bring the desired results today. It’s not just about getting more donations but getting them strategically and sustainably.
We echo your motivations for more sales, increased profits, and growing influence. By honing your team’s ability to adapt and react quickly to changes, we facilitate these aspirations, setting you up for a fluid and successful fundraising journey.

Moreover, flexibility aids in mitigating challenges with traditional sales techniques. Through flexibility, we offer diverse methods to tackle common roadblocks, such as poor selling performance and missed targets.
This balance of adaptation and flexibility is a significant element of our Salesforce training, which is dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of your nonprofit fundraising.

5. Role of Performance Based Results (PBR)

Performance Based Results (PBR) plays a pivotal role not only in driving the success of your business but also in shaping the vitality of your sales team. We at PBResults have championed this approach because we believe in the power of results – real, tangible outcomes that speak for themselves.

At its core, PBR is about ensuring that every action taken, every strategy implemented, and every target set is designed to enhance performance and boost sales.
This approach fosters accountability among your sales team and creates a culture of achievement where success is measured not just by input but by output.
But it’s not just about the results; it’s about the journey there – a journey that involves continuous improvement, adaptation, and growth.

In the high-stakes world of B2B sales, PBR is not just a strategy – it’s a necessity. So, prepare your team for a transformative journey of success with PBResults.

Why should you hire PBResults?

With the ever-evolving business landscape, there arises a need for advanced solutions to tackle new challenges. When it comes to B2B sales, no one understands the intricacies and the diverse nature of selling better than PBResults.
If you’re looking to spur growth, boost productivity, inspire your sales teams, and surge ahead of competitors, then it’s critical you consider our services.

At PBResults, we offer customized solutions built around the unique needs of your business.
We specialize in delivering focused nonprofit salesforce training, carrying out salesforce nonprofit certification programs, and providing salesforce for nonprofits free of charge for qualified organizations.

The Sales Bridge

Our proprietary model, “The Sales Bridge,” honed over 25 years by Paul Cherry, a recognized expert in sales training, presents an exceptional solution-oriented approach to tackle your team’s unique sales challenges.
This distinctive strategy is integral to our Salesforce training for nonprofits, ensuring that your organization is well-equipped to succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape.
Essentially, the ‘Sales Bridge’ is your vehicle for transforming conventional hurdles into meaningful, impactful outreach.
It’s more than just a training program; it’s a revolutionary tool to empower your nonprofit, enabling you to strengthen your fundraising capabilities and achieve your mission.
Don’t allow missed targets and ineffective sales performance to stagnate your growth. Bridge the gap to success with our ‘Sales Bridge’ methodology.

Our Approach

Embarking on a partnership with us at PBResults means gaining access to an approach that has transformed businesses all over the US and Canada.
We understand that each business challenge is unique; hence, we address these challenges with a customized, systematic, and strategic approach.

Our priority is understanding your unique business context, challenges, and goals. However, we don’t stop there. We probe deeper, leveraging advanced questioning and listening skills honed over years of in-depth experience.
This approach allows us to fully comprehend your core business problems, which often elude conventional diagnosis and solutions.

With a deep understanding of your challenges, we create an empowering roadmap tailor-made for your organization based on your specific needs and aspirations.
Our strategy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we create a tailored plan that addresses your immediate pain points, such as lost sales revenue, missed targets, and poor selling performance. Simultaneously, we outline a path that will lead your organization to a prosperous future.
In an industry where doing nothing can be a massive roadblock to growth, taking action with PBResults means moving towards a future of increased sales, bigger profits, and a motivated and inspired sales team.

So, why wait? Start your journey with PBResults today and experience the transformation for yourself.

Customized Solutions for Your Needs

At PBResults, we thrive on creating customized solutions to your unique business needs.
Our specialty lies in developing powerful sales strategies that resonate with your business goals, leading to increased sales and boosted productivity.
Unlike ordinary sales programs, our tailor-made solutions are driven by a comprehensive understanding of your sales challenges, market dynamics, target audience, and business objectives.

We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in the complex world of B2B sales. Hence, we focus on evaluating your sales procedures, identifying loopholes, and developing effective sales skills that increase profits, reduce overhead, and give you a competitive edge.
The result? A robust sales strategy that doesn’t just increase your sales but also inspires your sales team and helps you outdo your competitors.

Proven Track Record of Success

With a wealth of experience in delivering results, PBResults stands out as the premier provider of Salesforce training and certification. Our proven track record of success speaks volumes about our commitment to empowering nonprofits with the right skills for impactful outreach.
From our strategic sales training workshops to our management guidance, we’ve helped numerous organizations optimize their sales strategies and drive growth.

Our proven track record draws from decades of expertise and customer satisfaction, resulting in an exceptionally high success rate. We have helped diverse businesses, from start-ups to established corporations, catapult their sales performance and achieve their set targets.

Our salesforce training classes have been lauded for their practicality and applicability. We emphasize real-world scenarios and provide actionable strategies that can be immediately implemented for visible improvements.

Add significant value to your nonprofit with PBResults; let us propel your team to new heights.

Expertise Across Industries

At PBResults, we bring a wealth of expertise across a wide range of industries. This extensive experience gives us a unique understanding of the various challenges so we can deliver tailor-made solutions that best suit your specific needs.

Our broad industry expertise helps us create targeted, results-oriented sales training strategies. We are not just limited to theory; we apply proven sales techniques that have been tested in the field.
We also understand that the needs of one business can differ greatly from another, so we tailor our approach to match your particular business scenario.

We are markedly different from the generic, one-size-fits-all sales training companies. Our expertise across industries provides an invaluable edge, benefiting you from specific insights and strategies that drive profitable outcomes.
We believe that every organization is unique, and we know how to adapt our strategies accordingly.

With PBResults, you don’t just get standard sales training; you get industry-specific expertise that helps you outperform the competition, increase sales, motivate your team, and much more.

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Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of our Nonprofit and Association leaders have said about the results we helped their teams achieve

Sales Rep Training Workshops

Revamp your sales strategy with our tailored Sales Rep Training Workshops. These workshops are designed to equip you with the skills and strategies to penetrate the decision-making sphere and draw attention to your nonprofit cause.
Our modules are designed for:

  • Questions That Sell: Learn advanced listening and questioning techniques that uncover your client’s true needs. This session, based on our best-selling book, will significantly improve your sales conversations.
  • Selling to the C-Suite: In this module, we equip you with strategies to bypass gatekeepers and reach the true decision-makers. Appeal directly to CEOs, Business owners, and General Managers, persuading them of the value of your cause.
  • Getting Indecisive Customers to Close the Sale: This workshop helps you turn maybes into definite yeses, solving one of the major challenges disadvantaged by our clients – closing the sale.

Questions That Sell

“Questions That Sell” encapsulates a core aspect of our training methodology at PBResults. We believe that asking the right questions is a pivotal skill in driving sales success.
Recognizing the distinctive features of business-to-business sales, where sales cycles can range from 30 days to an entire year, we concentrate on teaching advanced questioning and listening skills.

Our approach is based on the understanding that sales is more than a transaction. It’s a consultative process that aims to unearth what your customers truly want and need.
To facilitate this, we have developed a unique series of questions that help you probe deeper, uncover opportunities, and build trust.

By attending our sales rep training workshops, participants will master the powerful process of asking these well-crafted questions.
This technique is highly effective in revealing the real desires and requirements of your customers. Consequently, you will be amply equipped to offer solutions tailored to their needs, increasing your probability of closing sales significantly.
Join us and take a step towards transforming your sales performance today.

Selling to the C-Suite

The ability to effectively sell to the C-Suite — CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, and other high-level executives — is a crucial skill in the B2B sales landscape.
These key decision-makers hold significant influence over the buying process, so engaging with them effectively can dramatically bolster your bottom line.

Selling to the C-Suite is different from selling to other employees. These executives are extremely busy and have little time to waste. When approaching them, you need to deliver value from the first interaction.
That’s where our training on ‘Selling to the C-Suite’ comes in.

Our specialized training focuses on understanding the unique perspectives, challenges, and motivations that drive executives at this level.
We teach sales professionals how to frame their selling proposition in a way that resonates with these high-level executives.
We equip you with powerful questions that help reveal what the C-Suite executives want, thus helping you position your solutions most attractively.

In these tumultuous economic times, a failsafe approach to ‘Selling to the C-Suite’ can make all the difference between a slow year and one of growth and prosperity.

Getting Indecisive Customers to Close the Sale

Gaining the confidence of potential customers is a critical aspect of the sales process, especially when sealing the deal. At PBResults, we understand that indecisive customers can significantly challenge your sales efforts.
Our service, “Getting Indecisive Customers to Close the Sale,” is designed to address this problem.

We deeply dive into the psyche of a customer who’s on the fence. We comprehend their fears, potential objections, and what motivates them to decide. This understanding helps us develop strategies that are not only persuasive but also respectful of the customer’s perspective.
Overcoming their indecision and proving that your solution is the best fit for their needs can turn them into loyal patrons, contributing to your business’s long-term success.

Closing sales becomes less about convincing and more about understanding with our training. Join us, and together, let’s turn those uncertain leads into confident customers who are ready to say ‘yes.’

Sales Management Workshops

At PBResults, we’re dedicated to driving positive transformation in your sales culture through our targeted sales management training programs.
We understand sales management’s unique pressures and challenges, particularly in the B2B arena, where sales cycles can span from 30 days to a year.

Our sales management workshops are designed to build and strengthen the relationships between sales managers and their teams. We focus on equipping you with the strategies, skills, and mindsets necessary to meet and exceed your sales objectives.

One of our premier workshops is “Questions That Get Results.”
This session is based on the best-selling book Questions That Sell by our company’s founder. It drills down on advanced questioning and listening techniques that can uncover what your customers want.

We also offer a workshop on “Changing Your Sales Culture to Increase Profits”. This focuses on turning around ineffective selling behaviors, empowering your team to close more sales, thereby significantly boosting your bottom line.

Questions That Get Results

Having the right questions that get results is the backbone of a successful sales strategy. It’s not just about asking questions but knowing the right ones to ask that can open up a conversation, uncover key insights, and, ultimately, close the deal.

For instance, instead of focusing on what your product or service does, you should be asking questions that delve into the client’s challenges, motivations, and goals.
Understandably, this strategy involves advanced sales questioning and deep listening skills, which many sales reps struggle with.

At PB Results, our ‘Questions That Get Results’ workshop is designed to equip your sales team with this critical skill set. We dive into the strategic art of question-asking, focusing on questions that encourage dialogue and foster trust.
This isn’t just about getting to ‘yes’ but achieving deeper connections that can lead to solid long-term relationships that benefit your clients and your business.

It’s time to ask better questions, get better answers, and achieve better results. After all, the best answers come from the best questions.

Changing Your Sales Culture to Increase Profits

Changing your sales culture to a more performance-oriented framework is essential in increasing profits for your organization. The most significant challenges frequently arise from entrenched sales habits and attitudes that resist change.
Yet, overcoming these hurdles can lead to substantially increased revenues and a reinvigorated sales force.

At Performance Based Results (PBR), we offer the tools, training, and expertise to help you reform your sales culture. From fostering a competitive spirit to encouraging innovative sales techniques, our solutions are designed to be adaptable to your organization’s unique needs.
Our training workshops are far from generic; they are custom-designed with your specific industry and market in mind.

Are you ready to embrace change and increase profits? Let PBR help guide your organization toward a more effective and profitable sales culture. Contact us today, and let’s start this transformative journey together.

Strategies to Motivate Your Sales Team

In today’s competitive business landscape, motivating your sales team is crucial for achieving performance-based results.
Our Salesforce nonprofit certification program is designed to equip your team with the necessary skills, strategies, and motivation to excel in their roles. We believe that motivation is driven by success, and success is driven by effective training and support.

A motivated sales team enhances the smooth operation of your nonprofit organization, helps meet and exceed sales targets, and fosters a high-performance culture. However, motivating a sales team goes beyond just offering financial incentives.
It requires recognizing and understanding the unique challenges faced by your team and addressing them strategically.

Our Salesforce for Nonprofits training program gives your team the tools they need to overcome these challenges. We focus on developing advanced questioning and listening skills, enabling your team to understand better and cater to the needs of your donors and partners.

Performance Guarantee

Our Salesforce training program guarantees unmatched performance by fueling your philanthropic endeavors with power, precision, and purpose.
Aiming for the stars in terms of the return on investment (ROI), our clients typically witness a remarkable seven times increase in their ROI, if not more!

Unlike conventional salesforce nonprofit certifications that provide theory-based learning, we strive for impactful practical implementation.
Above all, we understand that the performance guarantee isn’t just about the numbers. It’s about ensuring that your nonprofit organization’s mission is not compromised due to a lack of sales or funds.
Consequently, our training is designed to empower you and your team to be more productive, effective, and ultimately successful in your outreach efforts.

In conclusion, our performance guarantee is a promise of quality, efficiency, and, most importantly, results.
For nonprofits looking for a trusted partner to elevate their Salesforce skills and fundraising effectiveness – we are here for you. Embrace the power of Salesforce with us, and let’s make a difference together!

Become a Trusted Partner

Our mission at PBResults is to empower nonprofits by equipping them with Salesforce training for impactful outreach. We design Customized Nonprofit Development Sales Training to address the unique nature of nonprofit fundraising.
Since traditional sales techniques often prove ineffective in the nonprofit sector, we emphasize the importance of effective fundraising through adaptation and flexibility.
Our performance-based results (PBR) approach has proven successful in increasing revenue and outdoing competitors.

Why should you hire PBResults?

Our methodology, the Sales Bridge, is tailored to your needs. Our approach is specialized in advanced questioning and listening skills, which are pivotal in closing sales and growing your business. We pride ourselves on providing customized solutions to your needs, boasting a proven track record of success and expertise across various industries.
We have dedicated Sales Rep Training Workshops, such as ‘Questions That Sell,’ ‘Selling to the C-Suite,’ and ‘Getting Indecisive Customers to Close the Sale.’

We also offer Sales Management Workshops, including ‘Questions That Get Results,’ ‘Changing Your Sales Culture to Increase Profits,’ and ‘Strategies to Motivate Your Sales Team.’
Our clients are predominantly B-to-B professionals, such as Presidents, CEOs, business owners, Vice presidents of Sales, General Managers, sales managers, sales supervisors, Sales team leaders, etc.

Client Testimonials attest to our performance guarantee and ability to increase sales, motivate teams, augment profits, close sales, save money, increase productivity, reduce overheads, and give organizations a competitive edge.

Become a Trusted Partner

As a trusted partner, we commit to helping you overcome lost sales revenue, missed targets, and poor selling performance. With us, you gain a partner who will guide you to inspire, coach, and motivate your sales teams to achieve higher than ever before.
We look forward to partnering with you to increase sales, motivate your team, and make a greater impact.

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Non-Profit Organization


non-profit organization was trying to gain access to Fortune 500 companies but its sales team lacked the skills to gain access and sell its resources.

The organization was 12% below its revenue goals while its number one competition was gaining market share.

PBR Solution

Performance Based Results assessed the sales team. They were highly intelligent individuals but lacked:

  • Strategic planning skills.
  • Client prospecting skills.
  • Account management skills.

PBR put together a two-day sales training program coupled with a sales management process that helped leaders maintain the organization’s level of motivation well after the initial training.

The Results

  • Twelve months later, the organization documented $2.4 million of revenue as a direct result of the sales development process.
  • Organization surpassed its revenue objectives by more than 13%.
  • During that same year, the organization secured four contracts with new clients.
  • These new clients led to over $7 million of revenue over the next three years.
  • The organization’s sales team credits PBR training as having a direct impact on their sales success.

Performance Guarantee

Our clients typically get 7 times their return-on-investment (ROI) – or better!