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In today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape, the need for sales excellence has never been more critical. The healthcare sector, which encompasses medical, hospital, pharmaceutical, insurance, and biotechnology industries, is grappling with many complex challenges.

Medical device manufacturers are navigating a potential decline in elective procedures. Pharmaceutical companies are contending with access restrictions to physicians.

Biotech and life science firms are grappling with mounting research costs.

Amid this upheaval, hospitals are also undergoing restructuring in the post-pandemic world, affecting the dynamics of the C-Suite leadership roles.

Going beyond traditional sales approaches is essential to thrive in such a volatile environment. Enter Paul Cherry and Performance Based Results, an organization committed to driving healthcare sales excellence.

But don’t just take our word for it. The proof of our effectiveness lies in the results we generate.

That’s why we offer a performance guarantee. We’re confident that our proven methods, coupled with our expert healthcare training and coaching, will deliver remarkable results.

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Healthcare Industry Pain-Points

Challenges that Performance Based Results will help tackle!

Financial constraints

The healthcare industry is increasingly facing significant financial constraints. Rising operational costs, mounting drug prices, and the challenge of maintaining a qualified workforce are forcing healthcare suppliers to give up their hard-earned sales margins.
It’s pushing organizations to reevaluate their financial strategies and seek innovative ways to optimize costs.

Any misstep in these crucial financial decisions can directly impact the quality of care delivered and the overall business performance.
Amid such challenges, sales teams play a critical role.
They are the catalysts that can turn these financial challenges into opportunities for growth and advancement. However, to do this successfully, they need specific skill sets and tools to deal with pricing issues and negotiate effectively with prospects.

Increased government regulations and policy reforms

In today’s ever-evolving healthcare landscape, companies in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and healthcare sectors are bearing the brunt of increased government regulations and policy reforms.

These policy changes not only affect the internal operations of these businesses but also have a profound influence on the strategies of their sales representatives.

As a result, sales teams are often found navigating a complex regulatory environment, wherein they must maintain compliance without compromising their customer relationships.

By leveraging comprehensive training and advanced sales strategies, healthcare sales representatives can successfully navigate these regulatory hurdles. They can build and maintain strong customer relations, even amidst the most stringent policy reforms.

No time to meet with sales reps

As we delve deeper into the evolving landscape of the healthcare industry, it vividly becomes apparent that time is emerging as a premium commodity.
Medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech sales representatives are increasingly faced with a significant challenge – the scarcity of time accorded to them by prospects and customers.

In the healthcare realm, institutions, practices, and hospitals are engaging in a relentless race against time.
They are rapidly overhauling, amending, and instituting new policies to grapple with the increasing demand for transparency. Consequently, this leaves them with little to no time to entertain meetings with sales representatives.

The repercussions of this challenge surface in the form of missed opportunities and stalled communication for sales reps.

Need to show and document ROI

In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, the shift towards a “value-based care” model is more pronounced than ever.

As a result, healthcare providers – ranging from hospitals to physicians – are facing the daunting task of demonstrating and documenting their Return on Investment (ROI).

This isn’t merely a trendy buzzword; it’s a critical measure that reflects the financial impact of their decisions and actions.

The challenge lies in the fact that ROI isn’t just about the numbers. It encompasses the value their services bring in improving patient outcomes, efficiency, and overall quality of care.

Furthermore, a well-documented ROI can help in strategic decision-making, fostering a more sustainable and efficient healthcare system.

At PB Results, we understand these complexities. Our advanced training programs empower healthcare sales professionals to effectively showcase and document ROI, aligning it with the values and expectations of their clients.

We equip them with the tools and strategies to communicate the true value of their services, amplifying their chances of success in the competitive healthcare landscape.

Adapting to Evolving Leadership Dynamics in Healthcare Supply Chains

Healthcare sales are always shifting, with leadership roles constantly evolving due to mergers, consolidations, and acquisitions.

This can pose a sizable challenge for healthcare suppliers who need to keep pace with these changes, especially when it comes to maintaining access to C-suite executives.

These high-level relationships are integral for engendering stronger customer connections and collaborating effectively on shared visions and strategies.

Not only must they anticipate these changes but also develop strategies to navigate them successfully. Above all, the goal is to maintain that all-important C-suite executive access and continue to strengthen these invaluable customer relationships.

So, how does this adaptation occur?

It involves a deep understanding of market trends, insightful analysis of leadership changes, and the ability to foresee potential impacts on supply chains. In short, it requires healthcare suppliers to be agile, knowledgeable, and strategically informed.

But fear not, as our advanced training is designed to equip you with these much-needed skills. As a result, you’ll not only keep up with the changing leadership dynamics but also thrive amid them, making you a formidable player in the healthcare sector.

Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of our Healthcare and Medical sales leaders have said about the results we helped their teams achieve

What do we offer differently?

At PB Results, we understand the uniqueness of the healthcare sales landscape and offer a distinctive approach to our training programs to help you excel in this competitive market.
Our customized training solutions are designed to address the typical issues related to healthcare technology sales and enable you to effectively overcome industry-specific challenges.

We believe that perfecting the art of questioning is the key to successful sales.

1. Skills needed to ask customers intelligent and revealing questions

In the challenging healthcare sales landscape, mastery of questioning skills can make a discernible difference. At PB Results, we elevate sales teams by equipping them with the ability to ask intelligent, revealing questions that capture the essence of customers’ needs.

Our advanced training module focuses on teaching salespeople to pose smart, eye-opening discovery questions.
These aren’t ordinary inquiries but strategic probes that penetrate surface-level responses to uncover underlying issues and hidden challenges.
The information and knowledge gained empower sales reps to design unique solutions that help differentiate customers’ products or services, thereby enhancing their competitive edge.

With PB Results, learn to ask the right questions at the right time, in the right way, and witness a significant surge in your healthcare sales success.

2. We show representatives how to identify their “sales champion.”

In the complex landscape of healthcare sales, a clear strategy is crucial for success. One essential aspect of this strategy involves identifying the key decision-maker or influencer within each organization you’re doing business with – your “sales champion”.

This person is typically a healthcare professional with authority and influence within their organization.

At PB Results, we equip our client’s representatives with the necessary skills and techniques to spot their “sales champion.” The identification of this individual is a critical step in our consultative sales approach.

This “champion” acts as a guide, helping representatives navigate through the complexities of the healthcare organization, hence avoiding potential obstacles that could hinder the selling process.

Our training not only teaches representatives how to identify their “sales champions” but also coaches them on how to effectively engage and communicate with them.

This strategic approach ensures you’re not only reaching out to the right individuals but also conveying your solutions’ value proposition in a compelling and persuasive manner.

3. Sales Bridge

The Sales Bridge is our strategic model that effectively navigates the complex maze of the healthcare sales process. It is an essential part of our medical sales training programs, crafted to guide teams through the intricacies of sales, from prospecting to closing.

Our approach is unique in its emphasis on the power of open-ended questioning and active listening. By harnessing these skills, sales representatives can unravel not only what prospects explicitly articulate but also uncover their unspoken needs.

One of the key differentiators of our Sales Bridge model is its application of change as a significant selling advantage. Embracing change can be challenging for many businesses, but we train reps to showcase it positively.

With our Sales Bridge model, we assure enhanced sales performance. We will empower your team not just to sell but to excel in establishing fruitful customer relationships and maintaining a competitive edge in the healthcare industry. Look to us for a transformative sales training experience.

4. Methods to justify your solution based on customer value

At PB Results, we go beyond conventional sales training by empowering medical and healthcare representatives with strategic approaches to justify their value-based solutions to customers.
As part of our comprehensive training programs, we introduce a spectrum of methods designed to communicate the tangible benefits of your products and services convincingly.
This approach often includes revealing the total cost of ownership, a critical factor that many customers consider when making a buying decision.

Consequently, these proven methods not only enhance your sales conversations but also pave the way for tangible commitment from customers.
With our instrumental guidance, your sales reps will become masters in justifying the value of your offerings, driving superior sales outcomes and stellar business growth.

5. Gain the confidence to involve senior C-suite executives

Through our meticulously designed training sessions, healthcare sales representatives are equipped not only with the confidence but also the communication skills required to have strategic discussions with senior C-suite executives.
Our approach aims to transform sales personnel from mere “order-takers” to valued strategic partners.
This transformation is pivotal in strengthening connections, fostering new business opportunities, and mitigating competitive threats.
Our training is centered on empowering your sales teams– providing them with the skills and confidence to proactively communicate with high-ranking executives.
This results in long-lasting relationships that go beyond the usual buyer-seller dynamic, leading to sustained growth and success for your business.

Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech Sales Team Training

In the highly competitive and regulated space of healthcare sales, achieving excellence requires more than just motivational speeches and generic training materials.
The key to unlocking your team’s potential lies in understanding their unique challenges and arming them with bespoke strategies for success.

Our healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech sales team training programs at Performance Based Results are far from generic. We know that your business and its people are unique, and that’s why we tailor our strategies.
By leveraging our in-depth industry knowledge, we equip your reps with the ability to ask intelligent, revealing questions, attentively listen to the responses, and devise solutions that close sales and do so on a larger scale.

Are you ready to drive your sales performance beyond the regular and attain a new level of success?
Discover our bespoke healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech sales team training programs at Performance Based Results. Ignite your team’s potential and watch as they move swiftly towards success.

The Sales Bridge

Revamped Text: For over a quarter of a century, Paul Cherry has honed and perfected a unique approach to sales training, the ‘Sales Bridge.
This proprietary model demonstrates our commitment to progressive, targeted solutions for the complex world of sales.
Specifically curated for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech sectors, the Sales Bridge offers an effective route to tackle your team’s particular sales challenges head-on.

Our Approach

At PB Results, our approach to sales training goes beyond the standard.
Our focus is not just on teaching sales reps what to say but, more importantly, how to ask intelligent, revealing questions. We believe that the real art of selling lies in mastering advanced questioning and listening skills, as these are key to unlocking what a customer really wants.

We understand that in the healthcare business-to-business sales realm, the sales cycle can range from 30 days to a year.
Given this, our sales training programs are designed to enhance skills for long-term consultative selling. We teach representatives how to identify their “sales champion” and build strong relationships with decision-makers.
Our innovative Sales Bridge model is another unique approach we have adopted. It provides a robust structure for interactions, resulting in more productive conversations and a higher chance of closing sales.

We believe in customizing our approach to suit the specific needs and dynamics of your sales team. From skills development to sales management workshops, we tailor our programs to ensure they align with your objectives.

Sales Rep Training Workshops

Unleashing your potential in the competitive healthcare sales industry demands more than just understanding your product.
It requires mastering the art of strategic communication, positioning your offering effectively, and leveraging relationships with decision-makers. This is where our comprehensive Sales Rep Training Workshops come into play.

Our curriculum empowers participants to tap into refined sales skills, strategically navigate complex B2B healthcare selling scenarios, and reach decision-makers who can significantly impact their bottom line.
Our workshops are meticulously designed and delivered by experts with a deep-rooted understanding of the healthcare sales landscape.

Sales Management Workshops

Boost the vitality of your sales infrastructure with our specialized sales management workshops, curated to foster robust relationships between sales managers and their sales teams.
Our workshops are meticulously designed to address the distinct challenges faced by the healthcare industry, ultimately aiming to augment sales performance and profitability.

Our premier workshop, ‘Questions That Get Results,’ underscores the significance of advanced questioning and listening techniques – expertise pivotal to our training programs.
Empowering sales managers to ask intelligent and revealing questions, we aid in unearthing the true needs and wants of your clients, enabling a more targeted approach to sales.

‘Driving Sales Culture for Increased Profits’ is another cornerstone workshop we offer. This program addresses the pain points of lost sales revenue and missed targets due to ineffective performance. We provide strategies for shaping a profit-driven sales culture.
We focus on motivating your sales team and fostering a high-performance mindset. The ultimate goal is to enhance your profitability by crafting a collaborative and productive sales environment.

Strategies to Optimize Sales Effectiveness in Healthcare

In today’s evolving healthcare industry, strategic and effective sales techniques are essential to navigate industry challenges and thrive. Enhancing sales effectiveness in this sector demands a comprehensive and innovative approach.
Our strategies to optimize sales effectiveness in healthcare are tailored to meet these unique needs.

We understand the need for the implementation of innovative technologies in healthcare technology sales.
With increasingly complex medical technologies entering the market, it’s crucial for sales reps to be tech-savvy and capable of demonstrating their products’ features effectively.

Finally, we utilize metrics and performance analytics to further enhance your sales effectiveness. With these tools, we can track your team’s performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales strategies.

Implementation of innovative technologies

In the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, the implementation of innovative technologies can significantly enhance your sales strategy.
This approach not only streamlines processes but also increases efficiency and productivity.

Emerging technologies come with a promising potential to revolutionize healthcare sales.
From predictive analytics to artificial intelligence (AI), these innovations can boost sales efforts, enabling a deeper understanding of customer needs, preferences, and behaviors.

AI, for instance, can automate routine tasks, freeing up your sales teams to focus on more strategic activities. It can also enhance customer relationship management, creating personalized experiences that boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Development of customized approaches

Adopting a one-size-fits-all approach to sales in the healthcare industry can be a recipe for disaster, given the diverse needs and challenges associated with it.
That’s where the importance of the development of customized approaches comes into play, a pivotal step in strengthening sales performance, primarily tailored to fit unique business requirements and customer pain points.

At, we specialize in crafting personalized sales strategies based on advanced questioning and listening skills.
Our consultative approach focuses on understanding your customers’ motivations, interests, and pain points, as well as the intricacies of your business.
In the end, we aim to not just meet but exceed your expectations, offering you a competitive edge and making your business life simpler and more profitable.

Production of continuous training

Production of consistent and continuous training is a key strategy for sales optimization in the healthcare sector. In this dynamic industry, outdated information is not just useless; it can be detrimental to your sales performance.
It’s crucial for sales personnel to stay updated with the latest trends, industry regulations, and market needs. This is where our continuous training programs come into play.

Our training programs are comprehensive and are delivered on a regular basis, ensuring that your team is always up-to-date with the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. We focus on the ongoing development of sales skills, product knowledge, and customer relationship management. We firmly believe that the road to sales excellence is a journey, not a destination.

Moreover, our training is flexible and can be adapted to the unique needs and learning styles of your sales team. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Establishment of strategic partnerships

Establishing strategic partnerships is an important approach to enhancing healthcare sales effectiveness. Having a reliable network of strategic partners provides several benefits, such as expanding market reach, delivering better customer service, and driving innovation.

Strategic partnerships can come in various forms, be they alliances with other healthcare providers, collaborations with technology companies, or affiliations with healthcare advocacy groups.
However, the ultimate objective remains the same – to increase the capacity to provide superior services and solutions to clients.

Therefore, for healthcare sales organizations, strategic partners are not merely external associates; they are pivotal components of the overall sales strategy. They can offer unique insights and expertise that can help identify lucrative market opportunities and craft effective sales tactics.

Utilization of metrics and performance analytics

In today’s highly competitive healthcare sales, using metrics and performance analytics is pivotal to optimizing sales effectiveness.
It’s not just about selling anymore; it’s about understanding how well your strategies are working and where there’s room for improvement.

Performance analytics provide sales teams with a data-driven approach to measure their effectiveness, track their progress, and ascertain areas that require attention.
The ability to analyze data, understand trends, and make quick, informed decisions can be a game-changer in the sales arena. Therefore, the utilization of metrics and performance analytics is a cornerstone of our sales training success.

We guide your sales teams on how to leverage these metrics to their advantage. By engaging with our training, your representatives will gain the ability to dissect complex data and wield these insights to craft compelling customer strategies.
They will learn to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to their operations and understand how to use them to monitor their success.
Contact us now, and let’s turn those numbers into narratives of success.

Best Practices for Sales Training Success in Healthcare

Advancing in the healthcare sales sector requires a dedicated commitment to continuous learning and effective sales strategies. Below are some of the best practices to ensure success in healthcare sales training.

Firstly, ensure your training sessions are practical and interactive. The healthcare industry is fast-paced and complex, and sales staff need hands-on training that will equip them with the necessary skills to navigate this dynamic field confidently.

Moreover, fostering a collaborative learning environment is crucial. Healthcare sales teams comprise people from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of experiences and insights.
By promoting a culture of collaboration, sales reps can share and learn from each other, leading to more innovative solutions and higher sales performance.

In addition, providing resources and support tools to facilitate the practical application of learned skills in real-world situations is essential. This may include product guides, patient case studies, role-play scenarios, and digital tools for tracking client interactions.

Offer practical and interactive training sessions

As healthcare professionals navigate the sophisticated terrain of healthcare technology sales, practical and interactive training sessions become significantly necessary.
Our commitment to overcoming healthcare industry challenges extends to improving sales performance for Presidents, CEOs, business owners, Vice Presidents of Sales, General Managers, and sales supervisors, among others, within the age bracket of 30 to 60 years.

We understand that the complex consultative approaches required in a B2B setting can sometimes lead to lost sales revenue, missed targets, and diminishing profits.
Therefore, our training sessions are designed to address these pain points through pragmatic and engaging processes.

For instance, we incorporate real-life scenarios in our sessions, enabling participants to gain practical insights and learn applicable methodologies for mitigating their unique challenges.
This includes understanding how to motivate an unmotivated sales team, prospect effectively, and outdo competitors.

Foster a collaborative learning environment

In today’s dynamic healthcare environment, fostering a shared learning environment is not just a benefit but a necessity. It plays a crucial role in improving your team’s sales performance and productivity.
In the healthcare industry, it can mean the difference between falling short and achieving your sales targets.

Our sales training approach emphasizes collaboration as a key factor for success. We believe that when your sales team collaborates, they pool together their individual skills and experiences.
Consequently, they enrich each other’s understanding of the industry and the sales techniques that work best.
This collaborative knowledge-sharing encourages your team members to learn from each other, creating a strong and resilient sales force capable of overcoming even the most challenging industry pain points.

Through our sales training sessions, your team will transition from being individual sales stars to becoming a coherent and efficient unit that not only meets but exceeds your business objectives.
Our professional training workshops are conducted in a secure and welcoming environment conducive to learning and sharing.

Provide resources and support tools to facilitate the practical application

In the dynamic healthcare sales landscape, the practical application of skills and methodologies is of paramount importance.
That’s why we’ve built a robust system complete with resources and support tools designed with the sole purpose of facilitating this practical application.
Our system, which has already proven successful with previous clients, aligns perfectly with our training, ensuring that you can effectively implement the strategies and techniques we teach.

We understand that true learning cannot just be theoretical. It needs to be practical and hands-on.
Therefore, our resources and support tools are designed to bring theory into practice. They offer a crisp, clear, and concise way to apply your newly acquired knowledge and techniques in a real-world situation.

What sets us apart in our industry is our unwavering commitment to your success. Throughout your journey with us, you will have unrestricted access to these tools to hone your skills and optimize sales effectiveness.

Become a Trusted Partner — Not a Product Peddler

In the complex field of healthcare, the traditional sales approach simply won’t cut it. Today’s healthcare professionals demand more than just product information; they seek trusted partners who understand their needs and industry challenges and can deliver innovative solutions.
At Performance Based Results, we specialize in transforming your salesforce from mere product peddlers into valued partners.

Our comprehensive healthcare training programs go beyond the basics. We equip your sales and management teams with advanced tools and techniques to navigate the intricate landscape of healthcare sales. Our healthcare training programs are not one-size-fits-all. We understand that every organization, like every sale, is unique. Therefore, we customize our training modules to reflect your specific goals and challenges.
Participants will learn how to ask revealing questions that get to the heart of their clients’ needs and how to identify their “sales champion” within a prospective organization.
Throughout the process, we instill in your team the essential skills to become not just sellers but strategic partners with their customers.

Performance Guarantee

Our promise is clear and straightforward—we guarantee success! We stand behind our advanced sales training and hold ourselves accountable for your growth. Our clients typically report a remarkable seven-times (or better) return on their investment (ROI).

Within the complex field of healthcare sales, it’s imperative to have an edge over your competitors, and our advanced training provides just that. But, we take it one step further by offering a performance guarantee.
This simply means that we’re confident in our ability to deliver results; in other words, we put our money where our mouth is.

It’s no secret that healthcare sales can be challenging, with various hurdles such as financial constraints, overwhelming regulations, and continually evolving leadership dynamics.
These factors make partnering with a confident, results-driven training provider even more crucial. We are that provider.

Contact Us

We welcome you to take the first step towards transforming your healthcare sales strategies with our specialized training programs. PBResults is here to help you navigate the complex world of healthcare selling, arming your team with the skills they need to excel.
By trying out our healthcare sales training, you’re investing not just in your sales team but also in the future success and growth of your entire business.

With one simple point of contact, you can gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience that will tackle your most pressing pain points like lost sales revenue, missed targets, and ineffective selling performance.
Your journey towards outdoing your competitors, increasing profits, and motivating your sales team begins here.

You are welcome to contact us via our website at We’re waiting to answer your queries and provide more information about our offerings. Whether you’re a President, CEO, business owner, Vice President of Sales, or Sales Manager, your inquiry will be handled with utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

Just imagine the impact of motivating an unmotivated sales team or learning how to coach and inspire your sales teams effectively. With our training, this scenario can become your reality.
Don’t delay any longer. Take action now and get in touch with us.


Global Medical Device Manufacturer


Highly technical medical device sales professionals had difficulty gaining access and engaging physicians. Too much time was spent driving to accounts, service calls, paperwork, calling on non-decision-makers (nurses, therapists, billing clerks, technicians, and administrative assistants). Additional challenges included the following:

  • No structured sales and sales management process in place.
  • Every rep sold differently — lack of a uniform approach/lack of consistency and accountability.
  • Product marketing department did not communicate with sales department.
  • Sales reps too comfortable selling one product line over other product lines.

PBR Solution

  • PBR put together medical device sales management training and medical device sales training programs focused on physician engagement strategies.
  • PBR also customized a C-level executive sales training program to equip the sales reps to pro-actively call on individuals such as:

+ Hospital Administrators

+ CEOs and CFOs

+ Vice Presidents

+ Procurement Directors

+ GPO and IDN key decision-makers

The Results

  • Medical device manufacturer documented $8,234,000 of sales revenue as a direct result of the 3-month sales training program.
  • Medical device sales reps consistently sold all five product lines to meet performance targets.
  • Medical device sales reps demonstrated the following sales improvement activities:

+ 18.7% increase in sales calls.

+ 24.3 % increased face-time with the doctor.

+ Shortened sales cycle by 17.2%.

+ Increased closure rate by 16.9%.

+ Greater marketing and sales collaboration to speed up product launches.

+ 12 months after the training program, client increased sales revenue by 14%.

Performance Guarantee

Our clients typically get 7 times their return-on-investment (ROI) – or better!