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For companies involved with high tech, information technology, software development, environmental science, and telecommunications — sales reps can face numerous pain-points and obstacles. To be competitive, there’s intense pressure to maintain best-in-class offerings. Plus: the “always-on” customer, automation growth, and the struggles of team building, are all requiring businesses to adapt faster.

That’s why Paul Cherry of Performance Based Results has designed customized tech sales training programs that provide reps and sales leaders the skills to sell through these unique challenges — including how to help their customers embrace change, gain a competitive edge, and be more profitable. Paul’s proven methods deliver expert tech industry training that guarantees results!

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Paul Cherry at software company

Watch: Paul Cherry discusses PBR’s technology sales training.


Technology Industry Pain-Points

Challenges that Performance Based Results will help tackle!

  1. Quickly evolving technologies are causing tech industry customers to adopt a “wait and see” buying approach. They avoid making buying decisions to observe what will gain traction vs. what will be a “product flop” or marketing failure.

    Our technology sales training programs teach sales teams how to ask questions to instantly clarify customers’ “true level of interest” by discovering and differentiating their present needs vs. their needs for the future

  2. In the next few years, many Baby Boomers in the tech industry will retire, taking with them decades of institutional knowledge that will be difficult to replace. Plus younger prospects communicate and connect differently than their predecessors.
    1. We provide sales reps with multiple strategies and techniques to cultivate technology-based customer retention solutions with fresh approaches to successfully engage younger (GenY Millennial, GenZ) prospects — taking advantage of their digital savvy and innate comfort with newer technologies.
    2. Our tech sales training teaches sales reps ways to develop rapport and ignite a customer’s passions by embracing newer communication strategies (like instant messaging and social media) while sticking with tried-and-true strategies. Workshops explore how to get younger technology prospects to “see the value” in:
    • Face-to-face meetings
    • Traditional email
    • Negotiating over-the-phone
  3. The technology industry has adopted an account-based selling approach. Sales teams must adapt highly-personalized, high-touch, B2B selling efforts. Reps must understand a prospect’s decision-making process including dealing with C-level executives.
    Our technology sales training (The Sales Bridge) instills sure-fire questioning and listening strategies that allow sales representatives to focus on digging deeper across multiple departmental levels, — while engaging high-level (C-suite) decision-makers and encouraging customer loyalty.
  4. Due to challenges of balancing innovation (AI, automation, emerging software) with enormous transformations like mergers, acquisitions and consolidations — tech companies are experiencing prolonged sales cycles, dwindling channel sales, and shrinking profits — established customer contacts are disappearing.
    1. We show sales teams how to develop a proactive mindset in order to seek out new opportunities and cultivate new technology customer relationships in the midst of change.
    2. Sales reps will learn to pinpoint the most influential people within a business account — and identify and analyze key stakeholders, decision-makers and influencers.
    3. We train technology sales reps to seek out and nurture multiple customer relationships within the same company — uniting, aligning, and streamlining their processes — establishing the sales representative as a trusted advisor and “go-to” person.
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Working with new ideas and innovations.
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Finding new tech solutions.
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Technology sales team qualifying a list of prospects.

Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of our Technology sales leaders have said about the results we helped their teams achieve

Your one-day session challenged our most seasoned team, yet raised the bar for our starters to step up to the plate quickly. Excellent program.” Derrin Hill Chief Sales Officer,
Imagine Learning
Paul is the best sales training resource I have witnessed. Paul is a gifted presenter who connects with your sales team and provides training that supports creation of emotional connections that drive sales growth. Regardless of your selling style, Paul will help improve your performance through better questions that will drive better sales effectiveness.” Jon Webb Vice President,
Integrated Power Services
The team loves what you’re doing to help them grow sales. You even have your own emoticon that gets circulated in the office!” Ed Barrientos Investor,
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In-Depth Training Customized for Your Business

Technology sales is unique in the sales profession in that it requires essential technical knowledge in addition to polish, negotiation skills, the patience to persist through a long sales process and the ability to navigate office politics among multiple stakeholders. Without the right tech industry sales programs, even a game-changing product will be ignored. Performance Based Results teaches technology sales professionals the skills they need to grow your customer base and your bottom line.

The Sales Bridge

The Sales Bridge is a proprietary model Paul Cherry developed and has perfected during his over 25 years as a sales training xpert. The program provides a training plan to target your team’s specific sales challenges.

Our Approach

We’re able to affect real change and ROI for your organization, to solve the most critical pain-points that stand in the way of growing your business. You receive clear and targeted “roadmap” — providing a sales plan that will guide your company from where it is now to where you want it to be.

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Become a Trusted Partner

Performance Based Results provides customized on-site tech sales bootcamps targeted to the needs of technology businesses’ sales team and sales leaders. We help you discover your customer’s true needs to create winning solutions — allowing you to become a trusted advisor, not a “product peddler.”

Sales Rep Training Workshops

Take advantage of our sales rep training workshops and gain access to the decision-makers who can make an impact on your bottom line. Workshops include:

Sales Management Workshops

Build a healthier sales culture with our sales management training programs that grow relationships between sales managers and sales reps. Workshops we offer include:

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Case Study:

Global IT Software Solutions Provider


Highly technical sales professionals had difficulty gaining access and engaging key decision-makers.

Additional challenges included the following:

  • Lack of structured sales and sales management process in place.
  • Each technical sales professional sold differently.
  • Lack of consistency and accountability.
  • Marketing department did not communicate with sales department.
  • Sales professionals were calling on IT points of contact when they should have been selling at a higher level.

PBR Solution

  • Performance Based Results put together a sales training and sales management training program focused on building a credible business solution that appealed to customer’s needs, emotions, and the logic to act.
  • Performance Based Results also customized a C-level executive leadership coaching program to equip sales reps to pro-actively communicate with:
    • CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CVOs.
    • Owners, Presidents, or other senior executives.
    • Principal Engineers or Principal Scientists.
    • Vice Presidents or other top-level managers and supervisors.

The Results

  • IT software solutions provider documented $10,538,000 of sales revenue as a direct result of the 5-month sales and management programs.
  • Sales professionals consistently sold all four product lines to meet performance targets.
  • Sales team demonstrated the following sales improvements:
    • 15.4% increase in sales calls.
    • 21.8 % increased access to C-suite executive.
    • Shortened sales cycle by 14.9%.
    • Increased closure rate by 15.2%.
    • Greater marketing and sales collaboration to speed up product launches.
  • 12 months following the sales and management programs, revenues increased by 18%.
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Performance Guarantee

Our clients typically get 7 times their return-on-investment (ROI) – or better!