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Healthcare Industry Challenges & Pain‑Points

Within recent years, the healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries have experienced significant complexities and pain-points. Medical device manufacturers face increased government regulations. Drug companies are confronted by globalization and rising product costs, while the biotech and life sciences industry deals with workforce shortages and increasing R&D expenses. Plus restructuring is affecting hospital C-suite leadership roles.

That’s why Paul Cherry of Performance Based Results has developed customized healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical sales training programs that provide reps and sales leaders the skills to sell through these unique challenges — including how to help their customers embrace change, minimize risks, gain a competitive edge, and be more profitable. Paul's proven methods deliver expert healthcare industry training and coaching that guarantee results!

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Healthcare, Biotech, & Pharma pain-points for sales leaders and sales reps that PBR can help tackle!

  1. Financial constraints are causing healthcare suppliers to forfeit their hard-earned sales margins. With exorbitant increases in operational expenses, drug pricing, and maintaining a qualified workforce — sales teams will need special skills to deal with pricing issues with prospects. Learn how to counter ploys to “squeeze you on price.” Take advantage of your product or service’s strengths and shift customers from cost savings to embracing your value.
  2. Increased government regulations and policy reforms impact the functioning of all biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies — making sales reps “jump through hoops” to maintain strong customer relationships. Learn how to identify your “sales champion” at each healthcare organization for which you do business — helping you “weave through the maze” and avoid potential landmines that you may encounter during the sales process.
  3. Customers and prospects have little or no time to meet with sales reps. This is due to the fact that practices, institutions, and hospitals are rapidly updating and changing their policies to deal with the challenges of increased transparency. Learn how to use change as a “selling advantage” — where your customers see you as a valued and trusted resource — making their lives easier, more successful, and more profitable.
  4. Healthcare organizations are adopting more complex operating models. As a result, sales teams are experiencing lengthier cycles. Plus, changes to the sales pipeline are adding to the number of potential decision-makers. Learn how to gain control of your customer’s decision-making process. Leverage their buying criteria in your favor — avoiding the pitfalls that other salespeople stumble upon.
  5. With greater emphasis on value-based care suppliers need to show and document ROI. Learn how to justify your premium solution to your customer. Prove why choosing you will result in the lowest total “cost” of ownership or investment.
  6. Mergers, consolidations, and acquisitions are disrupting established sales relationships. Learn to acquire the skills to pro-actively cultivate new relationships, create new opportunities, and stave off competitive threats.
  7. Leadership roles are in a state of continual change. Healthcare suppliers must gain and sustain C-suite executive access in order to collaborate on a customer’s vision and strategy. Learn to gain the confidence to engage senior-level executives in order to position yourself as a strategic partner and not a “product peddler.” Contact Us 302-478-4443 Healthcare Blog Case Studies

Our clients typically
get 7 times their
sales training ROI – or better!

Here’s what some top healthcare sales leaders are saying about the results we helped their sales teams achieve

The team closed a $12 million opportunity because of your training. Now that’s delivering ROI.”
Christina Kachellek Learning Manager,
You equipped us with the skills to fully engage our customers in order to close more business.” Richard Parker President,
Midwest Medical
Great job customizing and delivering highly engaging sessions to help our team succeed.” Chris Strasinski VP of Sales,
Philips Remote Cardiac Service
Our team managed the national accounts and our guys were constantly getting squeezed on price. Thanks for a great program to give our team the skills to sell at higher profit margins and not get so beat up by material managers.” Bill McIlhargey Vice President - Accounts,
Johnson & Johnson
I have worked with many sales professionals throughout my career. In my opinion, Paul Cherry is the "ultimate sales pro," His power-based workshops helped my team develop the ability to uncover the specific needs of our clients. He showed us how to strategically construct and ask intuitive, meaningful questions that ultimately promote our solutions and create value for our customers." Bruce Augustensen Senior Director of Sales,
Avantik US
Paul Cherry and Performance Based Results provided the road map to focus on the right opportunities and leverage our time and sales goals wisely. He helped my sales managers and sales reps acquire the sales tools and skills they need to succeed.” Tim Brown President,
Moor Instruments
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Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech Sales Team Training

The best healthcare sales training programs offer more than “rah-rah” speeches and generic info-speak. Your business is unlike any other because of its people. Achieving better results means pinpointing the unique problems your sales team faces. Leveraging in-depth industry knowledge and proven healthcare technology sales training techniques, Performance Based Results will help your reps ask the right questions, listen carefully to the answers and devise the solutions that close bigger sales.

The Sales Bridge

The Sales Bridge is a proprietary model Paul Cherry developed and has perfected during his over 25 years as a sales training xpert. The program provides a training plan to target your team’s specific sales challenges.

Our Four-Step Approach

Through our 4-Step PBR Approach (identify, launch, sustain, and achieve) we’re able to affect real change and ROI for your organization, to solve the most critical pain-points that stand in the way of growing your business. You receive clear and targeted “GPS tracking” — providing a sales plan that will guide your company from where it is now to where you want it to be.

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Become a Trusted Partner — Not a “Product Peddler”

Give the sales and management teams at your healthcare organization a refresher course with a customized solution from Performance Based Results. Our workshops include:

Sales Rep Training Workshops

Take advantage of our sales skills workshops and gain access to the decision-makers who can make an impact on your bottom line. Our sales rep training workshops include:

Sales Management Workshops

Build a healthier sales culture with our sales mangement training programs that grow relationships between sales managers and sales reps. Sales management workshops we offer include:

Case Study #1:Global Medical Device Manufacturer


Highly technical medical device sales professionals had difficulty gaining access and engaging physicians. Too much time was spent driving to accounts, service calls, paperwork, calling on non-decision-makers (nurses, therapists, billing clerks, technicians, and administrative assistants). Additional challenges included the following:

  • No structured sales and sales management process in place.
  • Every rep sold differently — lack of a uniform approach/lack of consistency and accountability.
  • Product marketing department did not communicate with sales department.
  • Sales reps too comfortable selling one product line over other product lines.

PBR Solution

  • PBR put together a medical device sales training and medical device sales management training program focused on physician engagement strategies.
  • PBR also customized a C-level executive sales training program to equip the sales reps to pro-actively call on individuals such as:
    • Hospital Administrators
    • CEOs and CFOs
    • Vice Presidents
    • Procurement Directors
    • GPO and IDN key decision-makers

The Results

  • Medical device manufacturer documented $8,234,000 of sales revenue as a direct result of the 3-month sales training program.
  • Medical device sales reps consistently sold all five product lines to meet performance targets.
  • Medical device sales reps demonstrated the following sales improvement activities:
    • 18.7% increase in sales calls.
    • 24.3 % increased face-time with the doctor.
    • Shortened sales cycle by 17.2%.
    • Increased closure rate by 16.9%.
    • Greater marketing and sales collaboration to speed up product launches.
    • 12 months after the training program, client increased sales revenue by 14%.

Case Study #2:Global Pharmaceutical Company


Global pharmaceutical company was getting ready to launch a new product but concerned that their sales reps would not adapt well to to cross-selling multiple drug lines while trying to learn a new therapy.

The company turned to Performance Based Results to develop and deliver new product training launch.

PBR Solution

Performance Based Results trained 300 sales reps and sales managers in customized on-site workshops that focused on:

  • Gaining and sustaining access to doctors.
  • Advanced probing strategies and sales questioning techniques.
  • Expanding the sales call.

The Results