The Chameleon Approach To Sales Success
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The Chameleon Approach To Sales Success

About Paul Cherry

Paul Cherry is a coach, speaker, consultant, and best-selling author. He specializes in sales effectiveness development, with an emphasis on asking smart, intuitive questions that help “galvanize” successful customer relationships. For the past two decades, he has worked with more than 1,200 organizations and businesses in a wide array of industries. Paul has been featured in over 250 online pubs and print magazines, including Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Selling Power, Investor’s Business Daily, and Inc. magazine. His published books include Questions That Sell, Questions That Get Results, and The Ultimate Sales Pro.

Paul is founder and president of Performance Based Results, which delivers B2B sales training and performance coaching to teams and managers in corporations across the USA and Canada, including 175 of the Fortune 500, and 1,000-plus entrepreneurial, cutting-edge companies looking to dominate their niche markets.