The Sales Bridge



The Sales Bridge — A Sales Training Framework

In order to improve team performance and develop more successful B2B customer relationships, Performance Based Results has created The Sales Bridge, a 6-step model for sales process development. This effective selling methodology is the framework for all our programs. It provides the structure that will enable your reps to navigate and excel at each phase of the sales process.

Creating the Bridge between Sales Reps and Customers

For sales reps, The Sales Bridge acts as a “roadmap” to help guide prospects through their “buying journey.” Simultaneously, for sales managers, it helps pinpoint and assess strengths and weaknesses of a team’s overall performance.

Each Sales Bridge relationship-building step is rooted in “seeking value.” By training sales teams to ask a series of intuitive, open-ended questions, followed by active listening, they learn how to create the bridge between rep and customer. Sales professionals grasp how to:

Customization: A Methodology That Fits All Sales Teams

An exciting aspect of The Sales Bridge is how this training methodology can be customized to target specific challenges selling pros face during each step of the relationship-building process. An individual company may need to focus on one particular step, while another will choose three different steps — or all six!

The Sales Bridge model can be adapted and expanded to fit any industry or market. For instance, an organization that specializes in life-saving medical devices in Mississippi will have different training needs than a high-end agricultural equipment dealer in Saskatchewan.

Questions to Build Value-Based Relationships

Our training mission is to create a strategic and systematic, question-based approach that will help your sales team seek and qualify opportunities that are mutually beneficial to both the sales professional and to the prospect — guaranteeing a strong, profitable, win-win relationship.

The Sales Bridge process will transform top sales reps from “product pushers” to valued partners — a training blueprint for selling effectiveness!

The Sales Bridge • Steps 1–6

Performance Guarantee

Our clients typically get 7 times their return-on-investment (ROI) – or better!