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With today’s competitive high-tech markets, it is very common for technical professionals to find themselves in a selling role. As tech sales reps, they fall into common traps, like focusing on ineffective feature-and-benefit selling, talking overly technical to C-level executives, giving away valuable unpaid consulting advice and spending too much time with prospects who will never buy. Plus, reps tend to talk too much and don’t listen to a customer’s needs, even wasting time presenting solutions to nondecision-makers.

Don’t let a lack of tech sales rep training prevent your representatives from making the sales your business needs. Performance Based Results provides customized, industry-specific sales and sales management training that engages, informs and energizes.

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Our clients typically get 7 times
their return-on-investment (ROI) – or better!

Whether your business needs in-depth technology sales training or a one-day technology sales training workshop, When working with Performance Based Results, you’ll achieve quantifiable results. Give your staff members the technical sales training they need to set your business apart from your competitors, and provide your customers with the service they deserve.

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Here’s what some of our Technology Industry clients and training participants have said about the results we helped them achieve

Your one-day session challenged our most seasoned team, yet raised the bar for our starters to step up to the plate quickly. Excellent program.” Derrin Hill Chief Sales Officer,
Imagine Learning
Paul is the best sales training resource I have witnessed. Paul is a gifted presenter who connects with your sales team and provides training that supports creation of emotional connections that drive sales growth. Regardless of your selling style, Paul will help improve your performance through better questions that will drive better sales effectiveness.” Jon Webb Vice President,
Integrated Power Services
The team loves what you’re doing to help them grow sales. You even have your own emoticon that gets circulated in the office!” Ed Barrientos Investor,

In-Depth Training Customized for Your Business

Technology sales is unique in the sales profession in that it requires essential technical knowledge in addition to polish, negotiation skills, the patience to persist through a long sales process and the ability to navigate office politics among multiple stakeholders. Without the right sales training, even a game-changing product will be ignored. Performance Based Results teaches technology sales professionals the skills they need to grow your customer base and your bottom line.

Lead trainer Paul Cherry developed The Sales Bridge, a proprietary six-step sales training process that explains the most effective research techniques and how to gain the trust of senior decision-makers. Your sales team members will discover the power of active listening, and how to craft a solution that meets customers’ real needs. Because the customer relationship truly begins when the deal closes, your tech sales reps will also learn the finer points of customer service and how to stay motivated during a long sales cycle.

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p>Performance Based Results also provides customized off-the-shelf workshops targeted to the needs of technology businesses. When your sales team or management could benefit from a one- or two-day program, get in touch with us about:

Selling Skills Workshops
Target specific skillsets your sales team needs with a workshop that boosts your revenue. Gain access to decision-makers, encourage procrastinating or difficult customers to commit and learn the questions that get truthful responses with Performance Based Results. Workshops include:

Management Workshops
A strong and supportive selling culture begins at the top. Boost the effectiveness of your leadership with sales management workshops that create accountability, break down resistance to change and motivate your employees.

Case Study:

Global IT Software Solutions Provider


Highly technical sales professionals had difficulty gaining access and engaging key decision-makers.

Additional challenges included the following:

  • Lack of structured sales and sales management process in place.
  • Each technical sales professional sold differently.
  • Lack of consistency and accountability.
  • Marketing department did not communicate with sales department.
  • Sales professionals were calling on IT points of contact when they should have been selling at a higher level.

PBR Solution

  • Performance Based Results put together a sales training and sales management training program focused on building a credible business solution that appealed to customer’s needs, emotions, and the logic to act.
  • Performance Based Results also customized a C-level executive leadership coaching program to equip sales reps to proactively communicate with:
    • CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CVOs.
    • Owners, Presidents, or other senior executives.
    • Principal Engineers or Principal Scientists.
    • Vice Presidents or other top-level managers and supervisors.

The Results

  • IT software solutions provider documented $10,538,000 of sales revenue as a direct result of the 5-month sales and management programs.
  • Sales professionals consistently sold all four product lines to meet performance targets.
  • Sales team demonstrated the following sales improvements:
    • 15.4% increase in sales calls.
    • 21.8 % increased access to C-suite executive.
    • Shortened sales cycle by 14.9%.
    • Increased closure rate by 15.2%.
    • Greater marketing and sales collaboration to speed up product launches.
  • 12 months following the sales and management programs, revenues increased by 18%.