Changing Your Sales Culture to Increase Profits

This virtual and onsite sales management workshop helps leaders deal with a sales team’s resistance to change while making improvements to the existing sales culture — to boost profits.

One of the biggest obstacles in implementing positive change within an existing sales environment is the resistance encountered by members of the sales team. This workshop will help managers channel resistance into cooperation. We help sales leaders deal with new policies and expectations — while maintaining deadlines, improving productivity and sustaining motivation.

Here are some common situations encountered by sales managers:

  • Dealing with a team member who is evasive or tells the manager what they think the manager wants to hear.
  • Trying to communicate with a sincere sales rep who just doesn’t give their manager the information that is needed when the manager needs it?
  • Finding resistance by seasoned sales reps who are having difficulty with changing old habits.

Skills that ‘Changing Your Sales Culture to Increase Profits’ helps leaders develop

  1. Focusing on the solutions and not just the problems.
  2. Making sure words and actions are aligned with expectations.
  3. Using discovery questions to establish trust by gaining insight into a team member’s values, beliefs and motives.
  4. Confronting difficult issues before they fester.
  5. Expanding the “comfort zone” of the “rigid mindset” of team members who resist change.
  6. Taking forward action by diffusing these typical responses:

a. “I’m too busy.”
b. “As soon as I get to it.”
c. “I’ll get back to you.”

Performance Guarantee

Our clients typically get 7 times their return-on-investment (ROI) – or better!