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Managing Manufacturer and Distributor Sales Reps

This virtual and onsite sales management workshop deals with the complexities of working with sales teams in the manufacturing-distribution industry — helping them close more deals faster!

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Selling through manufacturing (independent) sales representatives and distributors can be a daunting job. You’re dealing with multiple channels, marketing managers, and end users — all pulling you in conflicting directions. Most of your time is spent stomping out fires!

This workshop helps sales management deal with the complexities of working with sales teams in the manufacturing-distribution industry. Our programs make managers better leaders and propel your team to close more deals faster with greater success.

Skills that ‘Managing Manufacturer and Distributor Sales Reps’ will help develop

  1. Developing a strategy to align distributors and rep firms to think, act and produce like your sales team.
  2. Eliminating poor performance by developing a foolproof selection and evaluation process for partners. Shaking up complacency and empowering channel partners to embrace change.
  3. Fueling greater distributor and rep agency loyalty to ensure products are a priority over other lines.
  4. Instilling accountability to motivate channel partners to get the job done and done right.
  5. Preventing “it's not my problem” attitudes by building greater trust and mutual sales collaboration.
Book: Questions That Sell Book: The Ultimate Sales Pro
Management workshops inspired by: Questions That Get Results and The Ultimate Sales Pro
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