Strategies to Motivate Your Sales Team

This virtual and onsite sales management workshop focuses on the best questions to ask team members in order to tap into hidden goals and innate strengths to produce a motivated sales force.

"Questions in selling are truth-seeking missiles.”

JERRY ACUFF – sales and marketing author

Want to know how great sales managers motivate their sales teams? This workshop will show you how! The primary strategy is as simple as asking. But what are the right questions to ask so you’ll get legitimate feedback? How do you do so without prying, putting them on the defensive, or getting lip service?

Research shows, that 80% of the time, sales reps are NOT telling us what is on their minds. They tell us what we want to hear. Or distort the real answer. Some will ramble or talk incessantly to distract us. To avoid the real issue, others will point the finger elsewhere. As a result, information gets distorted. Communication channels are blocked. Customers get annoyed and complacency sets in.

‘Strategies to Motivate Your Sales Team’ helps sales managers develop the following:

  1. When creating a motivation strategy — comparing what sales managers and sales team members (actually) enjoy doing most — versus what they should be doing.
  2. Building trust with the individuals on the sales team. Asking discovery questions to find out the rep’s personal and professional goals.
  3. Delegating duties without seemingly dumping unwanted responsibilities on team members Helping sales reps see these tasks as a benefit — an opportunity to learn and grow — rather than just another chore.
  4. Examining the strengths of each team member, and what they are doing right. Capitalizing more on the team’s success and holding back on the impulse to point out mistakes.
  5. Determining who needs coaching. In what ways can sales managers build team confidence in order to encourage people to take more risks and take more initiative. Letting sales reps pick their own rewards.

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