Questions That Sell

This sales workshop, inspired by the highly-rated bestseller by Paul Cherry, demonstrates to sales teams the process for discovering what customers really want. It’s our foundation program!

Questions in selling are truth-seeking missiles.”

JERRY ACUFF – sales and marketing author

The average salesperson’s product knowledge is usually pretty extensive. Unfortunately, that’s not enough. When a sales rep fails to ask the “right” questions — the ones that uncover a customer’s real needs — there’s little chance of closing the deal.

Using our Sales Bridge model, Questions That Sell helps sales teams develop advanced questioning techniques and active listening skills that help sell products and services based on value to the customer, rather than price. This workshop will help sales reps think differently and change the status quo — guaranteeing team success rates well into the future.

Actions and skills that ‘Questions That Sell’ will help sales teams develop

  1. Asking lock-on, impact, and comparison questions to uncover what buyers won’t or can’t tell you.
  2. Using relationship-building questions to become a strategic partner, rather than just an order-taker.
  3. Understanding a customer’s hopes and dreams with vision questions.
  4. Learning ways to qualify sales prospects with the BANT system.
  5. Discovering cross-selling and upselling techniques to stop leaving money on the table.
  6. Seeking out decision-makers and connecting with top‑level C‑suite executives.

Performance Guarantee

Our clients typically get 7 times their return-on-investment (ROI) – or better!