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Selling to the C-Suite

This sales workshop will show teams how to enhance their selling skills and build viable, value-based, senior‑level relationships with C‑suite executives while prospecting for new business opportunities. We guarantee results!

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This corporate sales training program will help develop the skills required when selling to C‑level executives. In today’s harsh economic reality, sales teams must set their sights on high‑level decision‑makers. These C‑suite contacts (CEOs, COOs, CFOs, VPs, presidents, owners) can be inaccessible, guarded, crunched for time, and under incredible pressure to deliver results. Sales teams may be able to offer a solution — but the first step is figuring out how to start a dialogue.

Sometimes sales reps leverage an existing lower-level contact to help them get “upstairs” to make that important introduction. Other times these contacts can’t or won’t open doors. That means the salesperson has to initiate the sales conversation on their own, and do so without antagonizing anyone along the way.

Selling to the C-Suite executive level sales training offers a value‑focused strategy to immediately connect with important senior‑level dealmakers and initiate meaningful (powerful) sales openings. You will be able to build viable business relationships to close more opportunities at higher margins.

Strategies ‘Selling to the C-Suite’ helps develop

  1. In key accounts, getting a primary contact to act as a “champion” to make introductions for selling to senior executives.
  2. Creating powerful value-added opening statements that will motivate C‑level executives to accept your request for a meeting.
  3. Going over someone’s “head” while still keeping the established relationship intact.
  4. Regaining access, after being relegated to deal with a mid‑level contact who hinders the selling process.
  5. Avoiding annoying (waste-of-time) “information gathering” questions that expose a lack of knowledge — instead, only asking insightful Discovery questions that focus on providing value.
Book: Questions That Sell Book: The Ultimate Sales Pro
Our workshops are inspired by: Questions That Sell and The Ultimate Sales Pro
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