Unseating the Entrenched Competitor

This sales workshop will help sales reps create winning strategies to go head-to-head and outsell their prospect’s entrenched competitors.

Taking an account away from a competitor can be a very rewarding proposition for many sales teams. Unfortunately, B2B sales reps often face the predicament where the prospect exclaims, “I’m happy with my current vendor.” But are they really happy or are they just reluctant to hear the salesperson’s pitch because they believe changing vendors will be a hassle?

Successfully persuading a potential (or existing) customer to leave their existing vendor takes an enormous amount of patience, skill, and strategy. This workshop will help sales reps develop these skills and beat out the entrenched competition.

Strategies that ‘Unseating the Entrenched Competitor’ will help sales teams develop

  1. Utilizing alternative approaches to “tradition selling techniques” that usually backfire:
    • Feature-benefit selling
    • Low-ball pricing
    • Groveling for a small piece of the business
    • Pointing out competitors’ weaknesses
  2. Propelling the sale forward — by using the prospect’s resistance to change as an advantage (and not a disadvantage).
  3. Instead of listing numerous competitive benefits — only elaborate on the feature that is most significant.
  4. Practicing effective sale openings — boost rapport and position the rep as a strategic partner and not a “product peddler.”
  5. Asking intuitive discovery questions — uncover customer motivations and unfilled (unmet) needs.
  6. Learning to avoid common manipulations — like when a prospect asks for a quote, pretending to be interested — then uses the information to leverage a better deal with their existing vendor.

Performance Guarantee

Our clients typically get 7 times their return-on-investment (ROI) – or better!